Sunday News Bites: August 5th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! Under the cover of darkness, we brought vampire Pachiru from Magical Pokan here to help comment on this week’s news, which admittedly is as slow as you’d expect from the hot and lazy summer days (not that it’s entirely hot and lazy here in rainier than usual Britain).

Gundam 00 Music

Anime music fans, listen up, for whilst L’Arc en Ciel will be handling the theme for the new Gundam series, background music will be handled by none other than Kenji Kawai. With the likes of Fate/Stay Night, Vampire Princess Miyu, Otogi Zoshi’s Tokyo arc, Windy Tales and of course the GITS movies under his belt, Kawai is no stranger to setting the tone with his atmospheric themes, but how will his style fit in with the space wars of the typical Gundam series? Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to hearing the results.

Pachiru says: The men in this new Gundam series look nice- I’d like to suck their blood sometime!

Ignis the Black

Can’t get enough of Ignis? We’ve already had her in default, Ignis the White (and alternate red dress) outfit for figures, but even if those didn’t move you, it seem impossible to resist the lure of Ignis the Black. Not only does this beautiful babe get to strut her stuff in PVC form, but she even gets to appear in a Jingai Makyo novel. Ignis, I pledge my life to worshipping you.

Pachiru says: Hmmph, does she think her big breasts make her worthy of all that attention?

You know news is slow when you have to point out new figures for the third week in a row

Yes, it’s that time again- with not much of note happening this week, I have to point out a few new figures waiting to drain our wallets (or not). Since Randall and Shingo are already much better than I could ever be at pointing out every single figure that ever there was, this will, as usual, be just a “highlights” piece.

  • Max Factory’s Fate/Zero Saber: Look at the sheer awesomeness of that suit- she’s so stylish that it makes me want to have a dance or two with her. You know she’d look great in the ballroom.
  • Xecty (Shining Wind): There’s only the slimmest of chances I’ll get her for myself, but this elf girl is looking good. Shining Tears and Wind (or as I call them in abbreviation, ShiT), may not do much right, but they do have some worthy related figures.
  • New Disgaea Trading Figures: I don’t need Jennifer or the generics, but who can resist Etna sitting on a Prinny? Laharl may also be worth looking into.
  • Tsukiumi: I don’t even know who she is, but with that commanding pose, I feel the need to have one of my own.

Pachiru says: What is it with all these girls? I”m much better looking…aren”t I?

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