Tuesday Rumble: August 7th

chibi-dii-blog.pngChevalier: Deleted Scenes

Ever felt that there wasn’t enough to Chevalier? Maybe you just wanted the HARD GAY scenes to be shown onscreen? If that’s the case, then you won’t want to miss this exclusive look at the scenes that never made it into the broadcast version.

Scenes included:

  • Orleans’ final HARD GAY with Broglie.
  • An extended flashback about the intimate relationship Teillagory had with his son.
  • A lengthier explanation as to why Robespierre suddenly had to leave this world.
  • Teillagory training young d’Eon and Lia with his old antique.
  • A hilarious “light” segment in which d’Eon desperately tries to avoid Anna’s pursuit through the city.
  • Increased screen time and back story for Giuseppe and Lorenza.
  • More convenient escapes by carriage.

Sadly, Louis and Broglie doing the deed will never be made available, due to potential audience trauma.

Disgaea: Pizza Version

Remember Pizza Shack’s Teriyaki Pizza, or that “hilarious” pizza in the face incident in the anime? With these in mind, it seems clear that Disgaea should be the latest franchise to gain a “Pizza version”.

In Disgaea-Pizza version, Prince Laharl awakens from a two-year nap to find that the pizza industry has gone to hell. Desperate to bring order back to the chaos, Laharl vows to build a pizza empire unlike any ever seen before. By recruiting new characters and their knowledge of recipes and pizza-making techniques, Laharl can build up his pizza company, participating in “pizza contest” battles along the way, in which his party must rush to assemble fast food orders before the enemy destroys all the ingredients. Lose, and game over is signalled by a pizza in the face.


“My on/off switch is there.”

“Stop resisting and just fondle my breasts!”

“Friends always do this kind of thing.”

“Maybe if we were in private, I would grope you.”

“Just do what I say, or I’ll tell everyone here that you have an Ezo!”

“It’s a proper Liang!”

“Newsflash- women don’t have Liangs in the first place.”

Random Thoughts: Ash

This week we talk to Ash from Phantom Brave! Ash, did you ever feel annoyed at being a main character who died in the first scene?

Dying is always a bummer, but when you think that it could have been the end of my career, I’m happy that I was able to accomplish so much even after my demise. I hope that this will inspire others not to give up just because they were killed off.

You can be honest here- how do you cope with Marona’s endless optimism?

I do wish she’d think of herself a bit more, but her attitude is all part of her charm. I’d say it’s because of the differences in our personalities that the two of us work so well together.

How did you come up with your battle cry?

Do you like it? I spent a while thinking it up, and I was just delighted when I got the chance to finally start using it in battle. “You’ll go no further- for her sake, I will not fail!”

How do you rank yourself against the other Nippon Ichi lead characters?

The girls are great, of course, but when it comes to the guys we have a bit of a rivalry going on. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the edge over that arrogant Laharl and heroic Adell- and as for Zetta, well, he’s a book!

And finally, what would your feelings be if a sequel to Phantom Brave was announced?

I get the feeling Nippon Ichi have told our story, and that if they made a sequel it would have new leads, but as long as I got invited back for a guest appearance I’d be happy.

This Week in Anime

The love-child of Mokona and Moo-chan is revealed.

Sharing apples is a good way to get to know someone.

Once you become a princess, HORSE is readily available.

Ray Mears offers some more survival tips.

Anime World Tour: Chrono Crusade

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties, although perhaps not quite as you read about them! If you thought it was all about Prohibition, gangland wars and dancing the Charleston, then think again, because here in the good old US of A we also have a brand new pastime- summoning demons! Anyone wishing to dabble in the demonic arts should take care, however, for these fiendish beasts have a mind of their own- be sure to bring along plenty of holy objects and sacred bullets to make sure they do your bidding. Prospective visitors are also warned to be on the lookout for a young blonde nun named Rosette Christopher, since all reports indicate that the chances of personal injury are greatly increased in her presence. Please exercise caution, but don’t be put off from visiting- after all, where else can you hear the angelic tones of Azmaria?

Mini-editorial: Pride, Depth and Entertainment, a.k.a. commenting on dorama from a safe distance

Blogging dorama comes and goes, and over the past week it has condensed around two ideas- first the question of whether we should be proud of our anime viewing, and second the Owen-inspired mess of whether anime is deep or entertaining. As part of the ongoing mission of keeping this section relevant, let’s briefly deal with them both.

First, the issue of pride- should we openly embrace our love of our hobby, or should we hide it away like the otaku losers we all are? Does the fact that anime is, as Drm calls it “a slightly better cartoon” often aimed at young people mean that we must hide our association with it away? Can one really ogle the large “melons” in the likes of Tenjho Tenge and then try to convince the acquaintances who already think that it’s all Pokemon and tentacles that you aren’t immature, perverted or both?

Personally, if someone asks me about my hobbies, I probably will mention anime- the only reason not to is because I can’t be bothered to explain what it is (yet again). I’m not going to go on about it all the time or force it down people’s throats, but if it comes up in conversation, then so be it. Of course, there are some things that still don’t seem right to be admitted in casual conversation, such as writing HARD GAY parodies or playing eroge, but ultimately, whilst losers can watch anime, watching anime cannot magically make you a loser.

And so we move onto the whole talked to death “deep or entertaining”, to which we can conclude that whilst all anime is intended to be entertaining (although you’d have to go pretty far to find someone who is genuinely entertained by Shining Tears X Wind), only a small fraction of it will ever be thought-provoking and “deep”. In the end, though, the important thing is to enjoy it- else why are you watching it?

In Your Reflection

This week we see a head-to-head between two blonde beauties- R.O.D. TV’s Michelle and Aria’s Michelle. Both are gentle, soft-spoken and optimistic, but are able to inspire the respect of everyone around them.

Fashion Police: Adell

This week, the Fashion Police are in pursuit of this individual- the main character of Disgaea 2. Everything about him seems to be a poor fashion choice- the sleeveless shirt with huge collar, the inexplicably large tie, the pointless belt, the baggy trousers, the bare shoulders, the wrist guards and the loafers- why, why, why?

Fashion sense: D-

Amusing Search Terms

Mai-Otome diaper: Mai-Otome themed diapers? Now that’s going too far.

Naisho No Count: What? Is this a manga?

tsubasa reservoir chronicle convoluted

tenitsu x suzaku: Now, now…Suzaku is clearly HARD GAY.

iroha caitsith English: When do Iroha and Cait Sith go together?

sex rumble rumble rumble: Get ready to rumble!

tsubasa broglie: Chevalier Chronicle

Animes having sex: I told you before- anime can’t have sex.

hard gay without his glasses: We don’t deal with Hard Gay here, only HARD GAY.

photobucket h-game: Right…

CLAMP Tsubasa Acid Tokyo Cover: Sometimes I wonder if CLAMP really are on acid.

harvest moon year 2007: Imagine playing Harvest Moon for 2007 game years. I’ve sworn to never play again after only 3 years.

gay dynasty warriors: Zhang He.

anime resimleri: Another “what?” is in order.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Rumble: August 7th

  1. kiseki gurl says:

    “In the end, though, the important thing is to enjoy it- else why are you watching it?”

    Amen. I think some people don’t realize that anime is PURELY meant for entertainment (and in some cases $$$). Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. manga says:

    If enjoying the anime makes you wonder and wander then it can be a problem. Otherwise, no problems.

    What´s so wrong about Adells clothing by the way? Fashion in videogames should be like everything else with videogames, no relation to reality :p
    The important part with Adell is that he is a killer if he wants to, and with his soft heart well I can say he´s on zero grounds with his lousy clothing :p

  3. setesh says:

    if you look at the little girl Ai-chan in the first episode of Aria (first season) she’s wearing something pretty similar, albeit less exagerated.

  4. Karura says:

    manga: It’s just a bit of fun to point out the characters who I personally think are less than stylish. Adell’s still my second strongest character, after all…

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