Sunday News Bites: August 26th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week, we are joined in the newsroom by fat cat Mikoto, who we can communicate with by means of a special translator. Trust me, she makes more sense than some of the guests we’ve had on here.

Mai-Otome S.ifl- that’s Zero to you and me
Can’t get enough of Mai-Otome? Then you’ll be happy to know that now that everyone’s favourite OVA, Zwei, has concluded, we’re going to be treated to the all-new Mai-Otome S.ifl (previously known as Mai-Otome 0), a prequel story featuring Rena, young John Smith, blonde Maria and the five Pillars of the era- as well as what looks like appearances from the two starring characters of Mai-HiME Destiny. I know it will probably be senseless, confusing and lacking in any real plot, but due to the cursed destiny that ties me to Otome, I feel compelled to try it out.
Mikoto says: I hope there are fat cats in this…in fact, it should only be about fat cats.

Gunslinger Girl season 2: this time it’s for real
A while ago, there was an “is it, isn’t it?” announcement about a potential second season of Gunslinger Girl, but now this mythical season has finally been confirmed, much to the joy of series fans everywhere. If you haven’t read the manga and are worried that the franchise cannot sustain a second season, let me put your mind at ease- the second season will begin with the Pinocchio arc that appeared in the third volume, and after that, there is plenty more excellent material to draw from. Go and buy the manga now if you want to see what’s in store- the only question is how the season one anime-original ending will be reconciled with the ongoing story.
Mikoto says: Those girls are very energetic with all their running and shooting, but can they take on the might of a fat cat?

Thought Gundam merchandise had gone as far as it could go?
Then you obviously haven’t heard of the Gundam Heroines Wafer Choco Extra and Card File Set. Retailing at 10,000 yen, these limited edition sets (only 500 will be produced) features not only a special collection of Gundam Seed Destiny trading cards and a file to put them in, but twenty wafer chocolates.
Mikoto says: Mmm, chocolate- but why can’t there be fewer trading cards and more food? Oh, forget it, I’ll just go and buy a slab of Dairy Milk.

Kerokero Ace
A brand new magazine is set to launch, and in it, we can expect some new manga all designed to test the question of just how much you can flog the dead or dying horse. The upcoming Kerokero Ace magazine will not only see a manga adaptation of Gundam 00 and a brand new Keroro Gunso spin-off (is there really room for a spin-off in that particular universe), as well as a new .hack manga. Details on the .hack manga are sketchy at best, so it is unknown which era of The World’s history it will take place in, and which characters will star.
Mikoto says: Some franchises don’t know when to stop, do they? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for my costume fitting for Mai-Nekotome, a tale of fat cats fighting evil.

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