Aagh! What has she done!?

For reasons best known to myself, I have gone ahead and changed theme from my beloved MistyLook to Seashore, but whereas for some people that would be enough, I just have to go one further- for this reason, I will be creating an unholy fusion of the two themes that will hopefully combine the best of both of them. Unfortunately, until such time as that is mastered, the blog will be passing through various phases of hideous brokenness- please do not be alarmed by any horrors you see on here in the meantime.

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8 Responses to Aagh! What has she done!?

  1. Hinano says:

    hey thats the same theme I’m using! 😀

  2. TheBigN says:

    Sounds like much fun.

  3. Karura says:

    Hinano: Yay, Seashore ftw.

    TheBigN: Yes, it’s great…earlier I tried to add in a feature from Mistylook and broke the entire WordPress Dashboard.

  4. manga says:

    what feature did that?

    cause I´ve had some trouble with php coding where all I get is a blank page but still, never broken down the dashboard???
    what the heck did you do there?

    And you beat me to it… was thinking of either switching to seashore or modern times, but then I started hacking the mistylook theme and found it to work for a couple of months more anyway :p
    unless I find something that I really approve of that gives me the look I want without me having to do any editiing.

    keep up the work though. Cause I really want to see what features you want to use that breakes the whole dashboard 🙂

  5. Neriya says:

    With two columns packed with words, the right hand side’s looking decidedly busy… :/

  6. Karura says:

    Neriya: Right hand side isn’t finished yet- it will look cleaner once I can figure out some stuff (and I know three columns can take getting used to, but I made the content area as wide as it was on Mistylook).

    manga: I actually managed it twice- once was trying to duplicate the “Mistylook options” page for this theme (decided it wasn’t worth the trouble in the end) and a second time was trying to get “King Links Widget” to work.

  7. David says:

    I actually like a double sidebar with a main content, not only because my own page looks like that 😉

    Double sidebars give you plenty of space and putting them right next to eachother is more to my liking than one on each page, since it doesn’t look to packed.

    The current theme looks nice. A lot more sophisticated than the old one 😉 Hope you get the results you are planning for.

  8. Runningkid says:

    Don’t break anything! I know I did when i had to customise my theme to change color/dimentions etc. Back things up… and good luck!

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