Tuesday Rumble: September 25th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSince I wasted spent so much time tinkering with my blog theme and layout yesterday and this morning, I’m afraid this week’s Tuesday Rumble is a bit shorter than usual. World Tour and Mini-rant/editorial will be back next week.

RPG Maker: Perfect Edition

As we all know, the best edition of RPG Maker would be one that could read your mind and create a game based on your imagination, but in the meantime, let’s come up with a few ideas that would make RPG making easier.

  • Tilesets and resources for numerous different settings, including modern, futuristic, Japan, period Europe, India, Middle Eastern and Native American.
  • Full support for 2D, 3D and isometric games.
  • A selection of battle systems covering almost every RPG, action RPG, platformer, fighting game and simulation game imaginable.
  • Read made animations for every sort of physical and magical attack.
  • Numerous pre-made events, as well as more move options that actually work.
  • Fully customisable message windows (with minimal effort and scripting).
  • Inbuilt support for summon monsters and exotic job classes.

Fist of the Blue Sky

Observe the muscular MANLINESS.

Sakura petals are always a sign of HARD GAY.

“No, you don’t put the Cane there!”

“We can surely fit in some HARD GAY.”

“Did you know you can get high on chalk?”

MANLY affection.

“I’ve never had Finger before!”

“We haven’t reached a climax yet!”

“It is called a condom.”

MANLY affection, redux.

“They all have dirty minds!”

Short parody: Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode

Berry is introduced.

Berry: Hello, I’m Berry! I’m the new main character now that Ichigo is gone!

Tasuku: And I’m Tasuku, the obligatory love interest!

Berry: Now, there was too much angst last time because the main guy didn’t know the lead was a magical girl, so you might as well find out straightaway.

Tasuku: Berry, shut up- stories like this need angst!

Berry: Oh well, let’s angst over the fact that we both want to become more than childhood friends.

Mint etc: Hey, what about us? We went through seven volumes with hardly any development and now we’re getting shafted too!

Zakuro: Looks like it- they’re even making us all randomly transfer to Berry’s school.

Pudding: This makes no sense anymore!

Berry: Shut up- you’re destined to be supporting characters forever!

(Kish: At least you got page time.)

The new enemy, the Saint Rose Crusaders, arrive.

Saint Rose Crusaders: Gwakaka, we are the new evil! We have many members, but absolutely no development, and no reason to exist!

Ichigo returns.

Ichigo: I heard someone was taking over as main character! I can’t let that happen, so I’m back!

The Saint Rose Crusaders commence their evil plan.

Saint Rose Crusader #1: I’ve come up with a most excellent plan! First, I’ll use subliminal messages to make everyone love Tokyo Mew Mew, and then I’ll change the messages so that they all hate them instead!

Saint Rose Crusader #2: Why don’t we just skip straight to the part where we make everyone hate them?

Saint Rose Crusader #1: Shut up! Why do you have to ruin everything with common sense?

The evil plan is put into place, and generics start shouting abuse at the Mew Mews.

Berry: No, this is wrong! Power of Love!

Ichigo: Who are you, Flonne?

Mint: Look, the power of love is affecting everyone!

Generics: I feel love for everything!

Saint Rose Crusader Leader: Damn, my pointless and ineffectual plans were completely pointless and ineffectual! Now I see that love is the answer!

The end.

This Week in Anime

rnAnyone can make up for small size with a giant wang-shaped desk.rnrn

“The Apocalypse is coming- I must gather lettuces!”

“Why do you never consider the feelings of these apples and pears?”

“Quick oranges, get into the box- this is an apple-only town!”

“Your apples pass the inspection.”

“They do?”

“Flying apple- go!”

“Such attacks do not faze me.”


“Get that HORSE ready pronto!”

September Anime Awards

The “I pledge my soul to you” award for best anime ever goes to Dennou Coil, which only improves with every passing week.

The golden tanuki award for interesting new characters goes to SaiMono, for successfully introducing two more personalities into an already rather large cast.

The “this show has everything” award goes to first-time award winner Oh! Edo Rocket.

The “I don’t understand it but I like it anyway” award for confusing plot is awarded to Baccano! for the second month in a row.

The “I’m in Despair!” award for lack of subs goes to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, although a slow catch-up is beginning.

The Second Monthly Ultimate Boredom Beyond Any Boredom Experienced Before award is given to El Cazador, although Seirei is trying hard to regain the trophy.

The second stylish supernatural horror award goes to Mononoke, which far surpasses its predecessor.

The “it all went downhill” award for inducing a complete lack of caring goes to Darker than Black.

The pointless episode award goes to Shounen Onmyouji episode eighteen for its lack of relevance to the main plot.

OST spotlight: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Be Human

Stand Alone Complex is known for its excellent music, but this CD takes a rather unique approach by focusing on so-called “Tachikoma themes”, such as those from Tachikoma Days. As well as a predominance of beeps, dial tones and the like, the CD covers a wide variety of tracks, from pseudo-classical to samba carnival and even a theme that wouldn’t sound out of place as Bleach OP. The result is a somewhat quirky mixed bag that can be rather hit-and-miss, but which will still be a necessary purchase for SAC and Yoko Kanno fans.

Notable tracks: Be Human, Trip City, Rocky wa Dokko?, Spotter

Reverse Harem of the week: Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Part-time catgirl, café-worker and defender of the Earth, Ichigo nonetheless had the time to accrue a harem worthy of any magical girl.


Masaya Aoyama: The “main guy”; Ichigo loved him from the start but nonetheless had to go through the usual phases of angst due to hiding her magical girl identity.

Ryou Shirogane: The cool and calm genius; usually rude to Ichigo but nonetheless goes out of his way to protect her.

Blue Knight: A mysterious warrior who appears to save Ichigo- could he be someone close to her?

Kish: One of the invading aliens, a cheeky prankster with a soft spot for Ichigo.

Amusing Search Terms

Old favourites: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Goes Hentai, you toube star wars

danny phantom anime: Aside from the fact that it’s a US cartoon, how did such a search even reach this blog?

fate/stay night review otaku: Only otaku can be trusted to review Fate.

hentai ad libs: Just make it up as you go along- “oh yes!”.

buso renkin censor 25: Ban this filth!

demonic skulls: I prefer Prism and Galaxy Skulls myself.

manga flames: Manga about flames, or people flaming manga?

waiting… for something that might not: …show up in a Google search.

hentai, manga, download, blog, September: Some people want it all.

how many claymore manga are there: One- it’s called Claymore.

grow fruit in “rpg maker xp”: This is going to be one exciting game.

fat anime: I prefer fat cats.

“trick flower” episode: Who knew Harvest Moon flowers had their own episode?

pleasure shadow gay: I am unfamiliar with SHADOW GAY.

ZIPANG MOVIE+OVA: There’s an anime and manga, but no movie and OVA.

Amusing Spam


I do agree with you here, but still you have to try to see it from other angles….”

It’s hard, you know- I just feel so strongly about fountains and gardens.

“7g brindavan colony ringtones information

The information is successfully classified. Reasonable structure of a site.”

If it’s classified, how am I supposed to read it?


Such is life.

cialis levitra”

Now this is what spam should be about- simple and direct.


The normal everyday fellow would might feel that spending the time to acquire information on this matter is a waste of time….”

True, for he probably won’t become a muscleman.

“anime image…

Hi – maybe this site will help get the message out….”

Everyone, spread the word! Anime image!

“There have been many blogs in my mind which allowed you to ponder upon sundry types of thing which you will be at,though not now.I guess such types of blogs should be raised in blog world including this one.”

This guy listens to the blogs in his mind, and they tell him what to do. Just fyi, this comment was for penis enlargement, and somehow got past Spam Karma 2.

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  1. Hinano says:

    ROFLMAO where do you find these GAR and HARD GAY shows XDDD

  2. Tigger says:

    once again a great tuesday rumble, i will admit those fruit ad libs are great. and omg you do get the most amusing spam messages. keep it all up 😀
    p.s. HARD GAY rules.

  3. Hanners says:

    Hurrah for the awesomeness of every Ghost in the Shell soundtrack ever! Be Human is probably the weakest of the Stand Alone Complex OSTs, but the title track and Spotter alone make it well worth owning.

  4. Karura says:

    Hinano: I use HARD GAY sense, it’s like Spidey-sense…actually Necromancer took those screencaps, two people can watch more HARD GAY/GAR (HARD GAR?) than one.

    Tigger: Thanks XD

    Hanners: Yeah, it’s not up to the level of the main OSTs (at least 2-3, the first one had the great first OP and ED but generally wasn’t to my taste), but I got it for a bargain £4 so all in all not too bad.

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