Sunday News Bites: October 28th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined in the newsroom by Nadie from El Cazador de la Bruja- everyone give a big hand for Nadie, the world’s most useless bounty hunter!
Nadie: Hey, that was uncalled for.

New anime licensor steps into the ring
Californian company New Galaxy Anime has stepped up to the plate to try its hand at licensing anime, starting with the 1981 Osamu Tezuka directed film The Adventures of Unico. Although there is no release date for the film as yet, this initial announcement seems to indicate that the company will be focusing on bringing older ‘classics’ to the market.
Nadie says: I don’t know much about Unico, but I do know this company will have to work hard to beat Amigo Tacos.

In Russia, anime watches you
Ever wondered what Ms. Suzumiya would sound like in Russian? Well, puzzle no longer, because Haruhi is set to hit Russia in 2008 courtesy of new anime distributor Reanimedia, complete with Russian dub alongside the original Japanese audio. Reanimedia are also planning to bring out Pet Shop of Horrors, and to add some weight to their debut they have bought out fellow anime distributor XL Media.
Nadie says: I wonder if Amigo Tacos have a Russian branch yet- there’s nothing better to warm you after a day on the steppes than a delicious taco.

More Afro Samurai
If five episodes of Afro Samurai weren’t enough for you, then this news will be music to your ears- a sequel has been confirmed for US broadcast in early 2008. Following on from the first episodes, the new run will see the lead inevitably accept his destiny, as well as meet a new female opponent.
Nadie says: Are there any actual Afro Samurai fans, or do people just watch it out of curiosity?

Code-E gets second season
How many people actually watched Code-E? Anyway, if you did, and found that 12 episodes of it wasn’t enough, then you’ll be delighted to know that a second season has been announced, even if details about it are vanishingly scarce.
Nadie says: Code-E? Is that something to do with Project Leviathan?

Someday’s Dreamers live action
As one of the latest franchises to make the jump from anime and manga, Someday’s Dreamers will be receiving the live action movie treatment come Summer 2008. Directed by Shun Nakahara and starring 15-year-old Rio Yamashita as apprentice mage Yume Kikuchi, filming of the movie has already taken place over the last month or so, but now the wait is on to see the finished product.
Nadie says: Do you think El Cazador has a future as a live action road trip movie?

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    Nadie isn’t useless…… well, she’s only useful when the plot needs her to be xD

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