Tuesday Rumble: October 30th

chibi-dii-blog.pngOkay, I’ll start by levelling with you- I don’t know what happened, but in the last few weeks my enthusiasm for watching anime and blogging just leaked away. Don’t worry, I won’t be giving up entirely, but it does mean the rate of posting that you have become accustomed to will be replaced by something more leisurely in pace.

Akagi 4Kids

Great news, Akagi fans, your favourite show has been licensed- by 4Kids! After the success of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, we decided that kids were ready for yet another gaming craze in the form of mah-jongg (or as we have decided to rename it, Tile Frenzy). In this series, plucky lead Ace (formerly known as Akagi) will bravely battle against the Gentlemen’s Club (yakuza) as he tries to prove to everyone that courage and faith are all you need to win at Tile Frenzy! Unlike Akagi, Ace doesn’t cheat- he just uses the power of friendship and destiny, and he has no fear of his opponent’s pointy fingers of death!

The main event of the show, however, must surely be the final arc, in which our plucky lead Ace wagers his mother’s precious jars of tomato soup (formerly his own blood) against a retired gentleman who wants to take over the world with the power of Tile Fenzy! You wont want to miss it!

This Week in Anime

Who needs liquor when you can get drunk on whisky bonbons?

These days, even oranges are entitled to bathe in the hotsprings.

“God bless this nondescript vegetable.”

Apples step up a notch in the ongoing fight against oranges.

Note the presence of grapes.

Apples prove to be among the more engaging characters in Romeo X Juliet.

Battle lines are drawn in the vegetable version of Risk.

“Hey, they laid on a swimming pool just for us apples.”

Titus’ loyalty to grapes can be clearly seen.

“Here, take this and join the Brotherhood of Yellow Fruit.”

HARD GAY corner: Princess Tutu

From an early age, Fakir was always HARD GAY for Mytho (a literal storybook prince), but there always seemed to be rivals for his affection- most notably their fellow students at ballet school, Rue and Duck. Nonetheless, the separation between male and female dormitories enabled Fakir to keep a close eye on Mytho, turning him into an obedient love slave.

Unfortunately, as Princess Tutu returned Mytho’s heart, he rediscovered his love of STRAIGHT and began to move away from Fakir’s affections.

“I must seduce Mytho to the ways of STRAIGHT!”

“Get away from my lover!”

Fakir finds a new lover

“If you don’t want HARD GAY with me, I won’t make you do it.”

“No, I would like to see your Liang.”

“Excellent- you have made the right choice.”

“Let’s set a date for tomorrow.”

“Don’t stand me up.”

You are so talented!”

Neko-sensei’s lessons of love


“I feel the time has come to teach you the advanced techniques.”

“How about we make it a threesome?”

“Now, to the bedroom!”

A typical night

“…to my body.”

“Just don’t start having STRAIGHT!”

Mini-editorial: Analysing the political situation in Kuchen

Usually, this mini-editorial is quite a serious and fairly relevant affair, but sometimes I just get the urge to do something completely silly and pointless- and so this week, we will be taking an in-depth look at the political situation of Kuchen, the fictional European island in Meine Liebe. As viewers of the show will know, Kuchen operates under a monarchy, with the king taking advice from appointed nobles known as the Strahl. Every season, we see a generic duke try to usurp the throne, and although we are encouraged to think of them as the villains of the piece, perhaps we should step back and consider for a moment whether this is actually the case.

After all, perhaps these dissatisfied dukes actually represent the popular opinion of the Kuchen public- that the time has come to shuck off a useless and ineffectual nobility and move into a republican age. Maybe the king, who does seem a little past his best, is a terrible ruler whose lack of ability to govern is sending the country into ruin. Is the life of luxury that our noble bishounen leads enjoy built on the backs of millions of struggling peasants? Should we, the humble viewer, abandon our support for king and country and throw our weight behind the revolution? Perhaps the villainous Beruze is merely an unsung hero wishing to lead his country to a new age- only time will tell (actually it won’t, but that seemed a good way to conclude the sentence).

In Your Reflection

This week we have a head-to-head between two moody semi-bishounen- Witch Hunter Robin’s Amon and Last Exile’s Alex Rowe. As well as being similar in appearance, they both have aloof personalities and keep their distance from the leads at the beginning of the series, only to become more central later on. They also share a voice actor in the English dub.

Amusing Search Terms

Old favourites: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Goes Hentai

“If you want do delete your site from ou: yes?

prince charming and romeo: I never thought much of Prince Charming- he was too generic and lacking in personality.

pumpkin with flames: Burn, pumpkin, burn!

anime girls with boy child: Okay…

dark maiden anime: In the name of the Maiden of Light!

Amusing Spam

organic skin care…

It is tiring attempting to calculate the time we”ve used up looking for h2o pages….”

So we’re looking for plain old water this week?


i dont think you did that but that is juts me…”

That Eric, he keeps showing up here and you can’t trust him.


will read it later…”

It annoys me when spam bots can’t take the time to read your post.

“As the world wide web continues to mass demon drawings webpages, we will work to deliver them to you….”

Good to know…I think.

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  1. unknow says:

    Your parody about what will happen if Akagi is liscensed by 4kid is really funny. Fortunately, it will never happen !!!

  2. Venneh says:

    Darling, I understand that you need to lay off. Frankly, I was wondering how you managed to have time for much of anything else with all the entries that you were doing. xD

    Just so long as we hear from you once in a while, all will be well. ^^

  3. Karura says:

    Don’t worry, the weekly posts will still be around- they’re like an institution now.
    I guess it’s just the way I am, but I always start out on something with this superhuman enthusiasm that makes it look like I never sleep, and then if I’m not careful I burn out and lose all interest. As far as blogging goes, though, I still have topics I want to write about, I’ll just take my time working on them so I’m not shackled to my computer 😉

  4. manga says:

    Not much to say, just keep up bloging, doesn´t have to be every day, but just continue to blog since the entries are great to read.

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