El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 26 [end]

Nadie and Ellis have finished their adventures, and now they seem ready to hand the baton of main character over to someone else and settle down into obscurity. When push comes to shove, however, will they be able to give up being the stars of the show?

Nadie experiences extreme boredom after watching twenty-five episodes of El Cazador.

“Hello, I’m the star of season two- El Cazador Full Throttle.”

“In that case, you can warm up by watching the shop whilst I nip off for a bit of HARD YURI.”

Since this is an epilogue, everyone has made an effort to change their hairstyle.

“That ball’s been stuck up in the tree for months.”

“A little kid stuck servicing an older man.”

“I only like underage boys!”

“I can’t believe you just said that out loud- and on TV, too.”

“Hey everyone, remember us? Last time you saw us, we were HARD GAY cross-dressers, but now we’re HARD GAY fatsos!”

“How did minor characters like you even get a return appearance?”

“I feel strangely attracted to them.”

“Nadie, Ellis, why don’t you join us for a double date?”

“To tell you the truth, we’re not into the sort of kinky games you like.”

“Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them, honey.”

Ellis catches Nadie in the middle of Hyper Self Pleasure.

“It’s not what you think- honest!”

“You said I was all you needed!”

“I’ve seen you sneakily doing it under the covers.”

“It doesn’t count if no one sees you doing it.”

“We need to look normal- they’d chuck us out if they knew we were raging nymphomaniacs with a taste for HARD YURI, BI and Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“From now on, we must give up all but the most basic of Pleasure.”

“Damn, a life without proper Pleasure is going to be a long and dull one.”

Taco taco tacos, delicious tacos…

“Anyway, I realised the real money was in tacos, and I haven’t looked back since.”

“Oh by the way, this may be the year 2009, but cassette tapes are still going strong!”

“I thought everyone used CDs these days.”

“By the way, I hear Ricardo is givng Lirio Boomerang these days.”

“..and wait a second as I unzip my trousers…”

“She’s growing up fast.”

“If we don’t, that kid will be the star of season two!”

“We just found something even more boring than our constant travelling, and you want to give it up to go back to baseline monotony?”

“I bear an uncanny resemblance to Rosenberg for no real reason.”

“You look like a man who’s good in bed- come and service my partner and I!”

“We’re getting some loving tonight!”

“Useless as you are, you had the power of main characters to combat our minor recurring nature!”

“Sorry, you’re so minor I don’t even remember who you are.”

“Nadie, how could you forget those HARD GAY cross-dressers? The image of them is still burnt onto my brain.”

“It sounds laughably ridiculous in the retelling, but there you go.”

“…as advertised on teleshopping!”

“They’re minor characters, and no one really cares if they’re fat or not!”

“I’ve had enough of this farce! Time to kick some booty!”

“Hey wait- I was the bounty hunter so I should at least get a tiny bit of action!”

“Shut up, Nadie- I’m the sexiest and most accomplished character, and the viewers know it!”

“I wish you’d use those moves on me!”

“Accept your minor status!”

“Never! Counter with flab power!”

“Why is uselessness my role in life?”

“Gwakaka, now we can finally dispatch these main characters and have our own show!”

“Stay back! I’m booked to star in the next season!”

“Nadie, I’m sorry- I just can’t hand over being the main character yet!”

“Go, Main Character Power!”

“It’s the only way we can get screen time!”

“Sorry, but we’ve decided to film a second series of our car trip adventures.”

Like a bus arc, it never ends.

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  1. Nani_mai_hani says:

    Wow, I can’t understand how there are so little comments in these parodies xD I’ve saved the whole series of El Cazado parodies to my computer because I’ve loved them and laughed so hard with them I just know I’ll want to look at them again many times.
    Thank you really really much for going through the effort of having to upload images of every single episode and coming up with such hilarious ideas! You really have brightened lots of my days with these ^^ So a big THANK YOUUUUU <3!

  2. Kouen says:

    LOL. I laughed so hard till my jaws hurt @.@;

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