Tuesday Rumble: November 6th- slowly recovering edition

chibi-dii-blog.pngNovember 5th is more traditionally known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night in the UK, but not to my little sister, who rather disturbingly referred to it as “Letterbomb Night”. Could this be a sign of the times?Measuring melons: the hooter (htr) scale

Are you sick of using the same tired old phrases to describe melons in anime? Has Dragonaut just made it impossible to find new adjectives to accurately capture their size, bounciness and general defiance of the laws of physics? Then you need the new Systeme Internationale approved unit of melons- the hooter (htr)! Using a ranking system from 0-10, the htr scale encapsulates all the properties of melons and expresses them as a single, easy to understand number.

Sisters of Wellber 10

After the split, Tina is quick to find a new woman to warm her bed.

Note the presence of apples.

Why do relationships with one-shot characters never work out?

“…I have feelings for you!”

“I know.”

“Would you like a special gift?”

“Special gift? Didn’t we already do it tonight?”

“That was just foreplay!”

“Now let’s get down to business.”

This Week in Anime

“I have begun the Pleasure, but in order to take it to the next level, we need the fiery skills of the Russians.”

“Good- we can rely on them to offer good Pleasure.”

“These apples have been defeated!”

“But their companions in the bowl over there may want revenge!”

“So many fruits! What should we choose?”

“Nondescript orange fruit! Get your nondescript orange fruit here!”

The girls swap out apples for oranges.

Believe it or not, baskets of oranges read books when no one is around.

They also go on covert missions.

“Yes, considering I am an apple I have lived to a ripe old age- pun intended.”

Anime World Tour: Devil Lady

Welcome to a future where your wildest dreams of hideous monsters have just come true! If your thrive on danger, giant beasts and the possibility of being crushed and/or ripped apart as part of the collateral damage, then this is the place for you! Humanity is evolving, and it isn’t a pretty sight, but then science rarely is- so if you’re committed to biology and genetics, you owe it to yourself to see the next stage in human evolution! Who knows, you may even carry the Devil Beast gene yourself, in which case you too could transform at any time!

Harem of the week: Kohta (Elfen Lied)

He seemed benign enough, but his warm, friendly and spacious home was clearly designed to entrap as many women as possible.


Yuka: Kohta’s cousin, she harbours protective feelings for him, and even gets aroused by a couple of close encounters. She is continually jealous when other girls arrive on the scene.

Mayu: A homeless girl who ran away from her abusive stepfather and into Kohta’s tender arms.

Lucy/Nyu: A Diclonius with a dual personality, one simplistic and attached to Kohta, the other a cold killer who can only be stayed by her feelings for him due to their shared past.

Nana: A young and innocent Diclonius, becomes part of the harem after her “Papa” sends her away for her own safety.

Nozomi: A manga-only character who visits Kohta and Yuka; due to a bladder control problem she wears a diaper.

Amusing Search Terms

punyu movie, punyu movie free: Is this some kind of special President Aria movie?

ratchet and clank hentai, ratchet + sasha : hentai: it disturbs me that someone is looking for furry and metallic action.

busou renkin season two: don’t even suggest such a thing- besides, there’s no more manga material to base it on.

weekly around up: Is that like a Round-Up?

saga frontier time lord: I must admit there are many things I don’t remember about Saga Frontier, but I’m pretty sure The Doctor didn’t have a cameo.

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  1. Hinano says:

    But how many search results do you have for NICE BOAT ??

  2. Neriya says:

    >> Letterbomb Night

    Ah, that famous attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament by sending them a letterbomb, which was thwarted by the fact that Royal Mail were striking at the time it was supposed to be delivered, leading to it blowing up in an unoccupied provincial sorting office.

  3. Karura says:

    Hinano: I need moar nice boat…

    Neriya: Hahaha, a most excellent description…actually round here postmen close down a post office and burn everyone’s vital correspondence yearly in memory of the original event.

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