Sunday News Bites: January 20th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined in the newsroom by Doujin Work’s Osana Najimi, here to give her unique insights into this week’s news.

The end of a manga era
After seven volumes of the main story and two further collected volumes of side stories, the Emma manga is finally coming to an end. Also concluding in the near future is the Karin manga, better known as Chibi Vampire to Tokyopop readers.
Najimi says: How much money did those mangaka make? I wonder if I should read them to get some tips for my next doujin.

Nice Boat Legacy Part 500
Ever since the whole ‘nice boat’ fiasco, we at Azure Flame have been keeping an eye on broadcast changes and the like, and must therefore report that the recently aired Shigofumi episode 3 was changed on short notice due to unspecific recent circumstances. The exact details of what was altered seem unclear, and it remains to be seen what the DVD version of the episode will offer.
Najimi says: In some ways, censorship is good, because I can just scribbles instead of actual details in some of my more…adult…work.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De: Akane and the Hachiyou get a disc each
Although it can hardly be said to be the best of anime series, Neoromance game adaptation Harukanaru Toki no Naka De: ~Hachiyou Shou~ has been licensed by Bandai Visual, who plan to release the 26 episodes across a record-breaking nine DVDs. With each disc retailing at $29.99, it seems unlikely that anyone other than dedicated fans will be picking this one up.
Najimi says: How come that girl Akane gets so many guys?

Forget Doujin Work, it’s time for the pros
With Doujin Work coming to an end in February, creator Hiroyuki is planning to move onto his next work- Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to. This time around, the 4-koma series will focus on a professional manga artist and her assistant.
Najimi says: Who is this usurper? I’m not ready to bow out yet, damn it!

Aria-sama ga Miteru

Sadly, much as I would like the above picture to be true, the fourth season of Maria-sama ga Miteru will not be about Akari et al; however, it has been confirmed for a television broadcast. In the meantime, a virtual Rose Mansion is to be made available in Second Life, whilst the ubiquitous Pizza Hut have started to use special MariMite pizza boxes. Is there no end to their bid for anime domination?
Najimi says: Maybe I should switch to drawing HARD YURI.

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