Sunday News Bites: February 17th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! In a change to the format of this article, our weekly guest system has been replaced with a more relevant and involved system of fat cat correspondents and interviews with series-relevant characters. If this makes no sense right now, don’t worry- just read on and things will become marginally clearer.

FUNimation snags Claymore
In case you couldn’t guess from the article title, FUNimation has licensed Claymore, Madhouse’s 26 episode adaptation of Norihiro Yagi’s manga. A trailer has been posted on their website, but no release details are available as yet.
Licensing correspondent The Admiral: The Claymore anime wasn’t good enough for me to roll over and watch past episode eleven, but since a lot of people like it, it should be a sound enough license.

Media Blasters takes Night Head Genesis
Over at AnimeonDVD, Media Blasters have indicated that they hold the license for Night Head Genesis, the 2006 24-episode series about a pair of brothers with psychic abilities. No further details are known as yet.
Licensing correspondent The Admiral: Again, I couldn’t get very far with this series, and I see it falling under the radar of most people- then again, Media Blasters will probably give it a sub-only budget release that will keep the hardcore fans happy.

Hello Kitty: the MMORPG?
In the competitive world of online gaming experiences most turn to the likes of World of Warcraft but now a new option is on the horizon- a Hello Kitty MMORPG. With participants having been selected for a closed beta test this week, it seems likely that the chance to step into Kitty’s world and enjoy the pink cuteness overload will not be too far off.
Computing correspondent Mikoto: We did try to sign up for the beta, but by the time we got the news they already had enough participants. Ultimately, though, we decided it was for the best, as the cloying cuteness could have well had an adverse effect on our internet connection, plus the embarrassment of playing such a game would be too intense even for cats of our bulk.

Shaman King: the real ending
Come 2009, the Shaman King manga is to be reprinted, and this time around, it will have the ‘proper ending’. On its original run, the Shaman King manga was cancelled rather abruptly mere chapters before its planned end, leaving fans to bemoan its lack of a proper conclusion. Those who have been patient are to be rewarded, however, with the 30+ volumes now to be re-released in two-volume omnibus editions until the improved conclusion is reached.
Entertainment correspondent Aria: Punyu! [I gave up on Shaman King a while ago, but at least the series is going to get a proper ending, unlike so many others.]

FUNimation to rescue Geneon’s catalogue?
According to reports from parent company Navarre, FUNimation are negotiating for the rights to some of Geneon’s catalogue of DVD licenses, which could result in certain series being rescued from limbo. It must be stressed, however, that such negotiations are in an early stage, and it is by no means clear what titles FUNimation will be picking up, if indeed they manage to get any.
Financial correspondent Mr Tibbs: I believe there is much profit to be had from gaining Geneon’s library, not just because fans are chomping at the bit for incomplete series, but because FUNimation can put out cheap boxsets for series that only had a more costly release by Geneon. Even so, the fact that they are only looking at part of the library doesn’t give me much hope for the future of obscure classics like Master Keaton.

New distributor for ADV Europe
Instead of running things from its own offices, ADV will now be distributing its UK and European releases via third party Lace Digital Media Sales (the catalogue of upcoming releases can be seen here).
Financial correspondent Mr Tibbs: This will keep the flow of DVDs to the fans uninterrupted, but the people who actually worked for ADV UK are still going to find themselves out of a job.

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