Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 20

Seimei wanders around in a washed-out world, where he meets old friends Ryuusai and Wakana.

Seimei: All right, my spin-off series begins here! Wait, these people are dead- it’s just a crappy dream sequence!

They disappear, and he wakes up.

(Seimei: I really thought I was on my way to being a main character that time.)

The next day, Masahiro and Mokkun check on Akiko’s sister Shouko.

Mokkun: Both of them are suffering from the Curse status effect, although as Akiko is a more prominent character she’s in worse condition.

Masahiro: I’m sick to death of that status effect! Why are the writers so lazy?

Mokkun: It’s not just the writers- the animators have used the exact same character design for both Shouko and Akiko.

Masahiro runs into Yukinari, who is armed with bow and arrows.

Masahiro: Yukinari, what’s going on?

Yukinari: The town has become a place of random encounters- everyone needs to be in battle mode at all times.

Meanwhile, Seimei is visiting the Mikado. When he realises he is being watched by Kazane and Princess Nagoko, he summons his party- Rikugou, Genbu and Taiin.

Kazane: Now really, Seimei, you can’t be thinking of initiating battle mode inside the palace, can you?

Seimei: Kazane, we’re getting towards the end of the series- just tell me who your boss is. Is it my old friend Ryuusai?

Kazane: Friend? He hates you for killing him!

Seimei: Well, that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Kazane: Damn you, now I’ll have to initiate battle mode! Equip Thief Dressphere!

Kazane instantly changes clothes and takes the princess hostage.

Rikugou: Equip Spear!

Seimei: Kazane, if you truly are evil, won’t you obey convention by taking some time out to explain your plans?

Kazane: Forget that! Summon Miasma!

Dark miasma from the underworld wells up around Kazane. She takes the princess and jumps into the newly opened portal.

Genbu: Dispel Barrier on!

Seimei: There’s no doubt about it- Ryuusai is alive.

Seimei reports to Masahiro.

Masahiro: Why did they abduct Nagako- being kidnapped is Akiko’s role!

Seimei: It seems that the darkness in the Princess’ heart opened the gate to the underworld.

Masahiro: Well, I’d better go and undo it, then.

Seimei: Wait a minute- I still have exposition to go through! You see, fifty years ago this same thing happened, so my friend Ryuusai and I had to head out and deal with it. When we got to the cold lands, we were guided by giant bugs to the Priestess of the Overturned Earth. From there, it all went wrong, though, for Ryuusai, my only friend and lover, fell for the feminine wiles of that Priestess and left me!

Masahiro: Okay, okay, can we hurry it up a bit? These flashbacks are cutting into my levelling up time.

Seimei: Quiet, boy, this is my moment in the spotlight. Anyway, by the time I saw Ryuusai again he had been dumped, and his rejection caused him to turn evil.

In Flashback Mode, we see how Guren stepped in to protect Seimei, only to be taken over by Ryuusai’s spell of HARD GAY, causing him to attack his master.

Masahiro: Mokkun, don’t worry about it- that was in the past. Anyway, I suppose this means Ryuusai is the final boss.

Seimei: Actually, he was just a mid-boss- you see, he was being manipulated by Chishiki no Guuji, a previously unmentioned being of great evil.

Masahiro goes outside.

Masahiro: Well, that took up some time, but now we’d better actually do something. Long Range Search- Target Nagoko!

Masahiro locates the princess in a featureless, foggy realm.

Taiin: I know exactly where that is! Let’s go!

The party flies off to the Imperial Palace Entrance, where they trigger a portal that takes to them the underground.

Seimei: What’s going on? Have they left me behind again?

In the underworld, Guren finds himself separated from everyone else, just as Kazane appears.

Kazane: Binding Spell! The time has come for me to take revenge on you, for I am Ryuusai’s previously unmentioned daughter!

Guren: What is the deal with all these previously unmentioned friends and relatives?

Kazane brings out a stone made of Ryuusai’s blood and squeezes it onto Guren’s hand.

Kazane: You killed my father! Now pay for what you’ve done, or get saved by the hero in the attempt!

Guren is forced to break the gold headband that limits his power.

To be continued…

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