Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 22

Guren tosses a white energy dragon at Seimei.

Seimei: Dispel!

Guren: Flaming Dragons! Now that I have left the party and become an opponent, my level has increased to 99!

Suzaku: We won’t give up! Screen Time Slash!

Taiin: Useless Wind Vortex!

Genbu: Shield!

Rikugou: Pointless Spear Waving!

Between them, the party are able to defend themselves, but only just.

Guren: This body burns with the heat of passion- nothing shall stop me!

Crow: Gwakaka, everything is going to plan! Now, Kazane, come over here!

Rikugou: Don’t do it, Kazane! You have the character design of a person who will eventually turn to the side of good.

Kazane: I’m sorry, but I have to foolishly follow the path of evil for a little while longer.

Kazane renders Nagako unconscious and heads towards Guren and the crow.

Crow: That’s it, come over here and attack Seimei, the villain who cause your father to die and your mother to disappear- or was it the other way round?

Rikugou: That’s not true!

Crow: Now, now, who’s more likely to be telling the truth- the righteous heroes, or a suspicious and evil two-headed crow?

Rikugou throws his spear, slicing the second head off the crow.

Kazane: CROW!!!!!!!!!!!

Kazane starts glowing with destined power, causing the giant spider to appear and stop Guren.

Suzaku: Good old deus ex machina- it never gets old.

The spider approaches Kazane.

Spider: In a convenient and entirely predictable plot twist, you are the daughter of the Chigaeshi no Miko- the very person needed to seal up the underworld!

Guren attacks again, burning the giant spider.

Guren: I hate spiders!

Spider: Even though I easily bested you moments before, your flames have suddenly become too strong for me! Final Attack- Curse Breaker!

The spider gives its life to dispel the cursed zone, enabling the hero party to escape. They are teleported to Kifune by Takao no Kami.

Takao no Kami: I probably could have done this anytime, but where would be the fun in that?

(Seimei: This could be my chance to score with a beautiful lady- and a god at that.)

Seimei: Taiin, use your wind to send everyone home- I’d like to talk to Takao in private.

Unfortunately, the giant centipede is still there to chaperone them.

(Seimei: Damn, I guess we’ll only be talking about plot matters after all.)

Takao: This isn’t good- our enemy has Guren and Kazane, the two keys needed to open up the underworld. Seimei, we need your help in stopping him.

Seimei: In a main character-like role? I am so there!

By the next day, Akiko and Nagako have recovered, but Masahiro has only just awakened.

Masahiro: I had a terrible dream- Mokkun left me and Grandpa became the main character!

Whilst Seimei confers with the Shinshou, Chishiki no Guuji paces around his villain’s lair.

Chishiki no Guuji: Gwakaka, everything is going to plan! Nothing can stop me now!

To be continued…

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