Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 25

Masahiro, Seimei and the others confront Chishiki no Guuji.

Chishiki no Guuji: Gwakaka, you’re too late to stop me! After all, it’s not as if there are two episodes left for you to thwart my plan to break the second seal on the underworld or anything! Now, let’s have a boss battle- Summon Demons!

Ugly demons rush forth to attack the active party.

Seiryu: It’s my time to shine! Scythe Sweep!

Byakko: Wind Tunnel!

Kouchin: Sai Smash!

Masahiro moves to change to the front row, but Seimei stops him.

Seimei: Masahiro, you must form a party with Seiryu and Kouchin and go ahead to the last seal- this sub-boss battle is not for you.

(Seimei: And besides, with your low level you might get killed, leaving the way open for me to finally take over!)

Masahiro: I don’t think I want to go, Grandfather- after all, I am still a child when all’s said and done.

Seimei: Shut up and do as you’re told, boy.

Masahiro, Kouchin and Seiryu go on ahead.

Chishiki no Guuji: I feel like I should do something to stop them, but I think I’ll stand here and watch.

Seimei: That’s right- your boss battle is against me!

Meanwhile, Guren has reached the large rock that is the second seal on the underworld.

Guren: Oh well, time to destroy this rock and let demons out into the world. Flame Dragon!

Guren’s Flame Dragon is dispelled by an ice attack from the seal’s guardian, a giant lizard.

Giant Lizard: Not so fast- I’m here to keep you occupied until the heroes arrive.

Elsewhere, Seimei, Byakko, Genbu and Taiin kill Chishiki no Guuji’s weak demons in one hit.

Chishiki no Guuji: This is getting boring now! Resurrection spell, somehow function as a teleport!

Seimei: Damn, if any of those demons leaves the map, it’s game over! Byakko, Genbu, Taiin, head back down the tunnel and kill them all as they try to leave!

The three Shinshou leave the field.

Chishiki no Guuji: Is it wise to battle alone? One wrong move and it’s game over for you.

Seimei: I may not be the main character, but I still have a few destined powers! Barrier on! Repel Evil!

Chishiki no Guuji: Blast of Evil!

Seimei: Blast of Good!

The two men begin duelling with their powers. Seimei soon gains the upper hand.

Seimei: Time to finish this!

Chishiki no Guuji: Wait! I’m actually your friend Ryuusai- I’ve just been controlled by evil all this time! Now let your guard down and enter Flashback Mode!

Seimei falls into Flashback Mode, but quickly recovers.

Seimei: That’s the oldest trick in the book- I won’t fall for it! Counterattack!

The battle resumes.

Chishiki no Guuji: Those anti-ageing spells are really taking their toll, aren’t they? You should stay old and ugly, like me!

Chishiki no Guuji summons some more demons.

Chishiki no Guuji: It’s over for you!

Rikugou: Spear ex machina! It’s never over for the heroes! Distraction attack!

Rikugou begins attacking Chishiki no Guuji.

Seimei: Input Spell Command! Breath of God!

Seimei charges up a powerful spell that obliterates the demons and rips Chishiki no Guuji’s body apart.

(Seimei: I could have used this attack right at the beginning, but then I wouldn’t have got as much screen time.)

Chishiki no Guuji is defeated. Taiin arrives and leads everyone to her discovery- the Chigaeshi no Miko sealed in ice.

Seimei: I’m on a roll here! Curse Release!

The ice melts, revealing the Miko.

Miko: Oh, I seem to have dozed off for a while…where am I?

Seimei: Well, the good news is that the man who sealed you has been defeated- the bad news is that your husband and daughter are dead. Still, we don’t have time to mourn- our last chance for screen time is to go after Masahiro!

As Guren continues to fight the giant lizard, Masahiro’s party equip themselves for the final battle.

Kouchin: Here is a giant sword I borrowed from Guts, er, I mean Suzaku, which inconveniently is the only thing that can hold the flame of Kagutsuchi needed to end this.

Masahiro: The sword is bigger than I am, but I’ll manage somehow.

To be continued…

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