Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 26 [the long-awaited end]

Guren roasts the guardian lizard.

Guren: The heroes are almost here- your role in this series just ended!

Seiryu: Not so fast! Wave of Light!

The lizard is saved as Seiryu bursts onto the scene.

Seiryu: I’m sick of you and your pathetic fashion sense- it’s time to end this!

Guren: You’re a fine one to talk about fashion! Taste my flames!

Kouchin and Masahiro arrive.

Masahiro: Leave this to me, Seiryu- I’ll beat him up with this oversized sword!

Masahiro struggles to raise the sword, which conveniently transforms into a lighter, more powerful weapon.

Masahiro: With this sword, all my stats are increased! I’m no longer the Level Seven boy you once knew! Arrows of Emptiness!

Guren: White hot dragon!

Masahiro: Defend and counter with special item- Beads!

Guren is trapped by the power of the beads.

Guren: Flaming Dragons!

Masahiro: You shouldn’t be such a one-trick pony, Guren! Counter!

Guren: Damn it, why did you have to get all these final battle bonuses?

Maahiro approaches Guren, invoking Flashback Mode of his time with Mokkun.

Masahiro: Blade Rush!

Masahiro stabs Guren and begins reciting a spell.

Masahiro: Input Spell Command- Seal Evil!

Guren’s Limiter headband reappears on his forehead. In a flash of light, the sword vanishes, leaving the body of Mokkun behind.

Masahiro: Mokkun! How will I level up now?

Masahiro performs a spell that appears to transfer his life force to Mokkun.

Masahiro: Even if I die, please let there be cute Mokkun plushies for everyone to enjoy.

As Masahiro collapses, Seimei’s party arrives on the scene.

(Seimei: Why now? It’s too late for me to become the main character!)

Meanwhile, Tenkuu visits Takaoka no Kami.

Tenkuu: I just realised it’s the last episode and no one knows anything about me- I need screen time fast!

Takao: Okay, let’s have a largely pointless conversation scene.

Meanwhile, the last two Shinshou watch over Seimei’s body.

Green-Hair: We’ve waited the whole series, and all we get is two measly lines!

White-Hair: All I can say is that there’d better be a season two.

Whilst other supporting characters quickly take the opportunity to have some screen time, Masahiro wanders a bleak and empty land.

Masahiro: Well, it looks like I’m dead- better cross the river to the underworld and end the series.

A woman appears.

Woman: I don’t often see main characters around here- there must be some sort of plot device we can use to get you out of this situation.

Masahiro: You’re right- I don’t want to give up being a main character yet!

The woman, who just happens to be Seimei’s deceased lover, sends Masahiro back to the land of the living. Mokkun also wakes up, and somehow blossoming trees appear out of nowhere. And back home, even Tenitsu is fine.

Seimei: Well, all’s well that ends well- except of course that Kazane died and now Mokkun has no memory of the series.

Masahiro: It can’t end here! Buy the novels if you want to find out what happens next!

THE END…at least for now.

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  1. KaMen says:

    Luckily I am not the one who wondered who the green and white haired characters are, since this was the first episode I saw them.

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