Tuesday Rumble: September 16th

FMA2 and the seven new deadly sins

With the recent announcement of a second season of Fullmetal Alchemist coinciding with the Pope announcing seven new ‘modern’ deadly sins, it seems only natural that the two should go hand in hand. Could it be that in this new season, Ed and Al will have to battle seven new Homunculi related to these sins?

Pollution: Like a villain from Captain Planet, Pollution’s only aim is to spew noxious and damaging materials into the atmosphere. Wherever Pollution goes, animals die, plants wither and mysterious mutants turn up.

Genetic Engineering: Under the guise of a simple country doctor, Genetic Engineering carries out horrific experiments even worse than those seen at Lab 5. His aim is to improve soul transfer and chimera creation, and he is one of the few Homunculi who can use alchemy.

Obscene Riches: Bearing a remarkable physical similarity to Peter Jones of Dragons’ Den, Obscene Riches’ only goal is to make as much money as possible, even if it means bankrupting others in the process.

Taking Drugs: Usually seen lurking on a street corner, Taking Drugs can produce all kinds of mind-altering substances from within his body. His only aim is to addict as many people as possible.

Abortion: In the guise of a midwife, Abortion travels from town to town, visiting pregnant women. With a single press of her hand to a woman’s abdomen, she can dissolve the baby inside.

Paedophilia: A creepy man in an overcoat, Paedophilia has an unhealthy interest in young children, and will whisk them off at the first opportunity.

Causing Social Injustice: A knight in tarnished armour, Causing Social Injustice travels the land, wronging rights wherever he goes.

Nabari no Ou 15-16

No one said HARD GAY was safe.

“Don’t use your Liang! You’re going to rip me apart!”

“It’s no good- I just can’t control the urges!”

“I didn’t want my first time to be this way!”

“I think I love you!”

“…whether I’m STRAIGHT or HARD GAY.”

“This is what happens when you jump straight into bed with a stranger.”

“I know where the sex toys are!”

“I’d like to order Pleasure for sometime within the next seven days.”

“I know you take a while to get in the mood, but surely that should be long enough to work up to it.”

“Think of servicing us as a mission.”

“Once we have the ultimate techniques, everyone’s sex life will improve!”

*NEW* Scenes We’d Like to See

Based on the round of the same name from Mock the Week, Scenes We’d Like to See suggests an anime-related situation and then comes up with humorous suggestions. Unfortunately, we don’t have the likes of Frankie Boyle and Hugh Dennis around to help out, but we’ll try our best.

“Things a giant robot pilot would never say”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t pilot this- I haven’t had any training!”

“This robot defies the laws of physics- can’t we just use some really big guns?”

“For god’s sake, I’m only fourteen! I want to go out with my friends and buy porn magazines, not pilot some robot!”

“As a generic character who only appears in the first episode, I’m sure that I will win this battle before the main character shows up.”

“Since I went out there without a clue as to what I was doing, of course I messed up and had to be rescued by my highly trained allies.”

“I’m turning twenty-one next week.”

“I have a happy family life with absolutely nothing to complain about.”

“I am a female Gundam pilot with numerous victories and extensive battle experience.”

“I find it really hard to get the girls.”

This Week in Anime

Massive apple balloon can only be eclipsed by…

…massive ice cream balloon that doesn’t quite look like what it’s meant to be.

“At last- an orange of my own! I must crack its secrets!”

Cameraman stumbles on secret rubber duck convention.

Onegai Teacher, sponsored by T-Mobile.

Zetsubou shita!

You can’t trust an orange when it’s just been left alone like that.

“It’s an orange!”

Rubber duck takes job as impromptu censor.

Oranges and bananas may aspire to climb the dessert mountain, but can either of them break through the chocolate ceiling?

“According to this, we must report all incidences of fruit and veg in anime!”

What can be more tragic than a crushed apple?

HORSE! Get your HORSE here!

An apple a day applies even to Nekomata.

Who knew that you had to mine for strawberries?

“We’re more used to seeing strawberries, apples and oranges in anime.”

“Zetsubou shita!”

“A 9K gold hairpin set with a round brilliant cut sky blue topaz!”

Anime World Tour: Antique Bakery

Welcome to a world where cakes and HARD GAY are synonymous with each other! If you have a sweet tooth and a desire to see pretty boys who may or may not be sleeping with each other, then stop by Antique, the café that caters to all your tastes! Just watch out, however, as this world is also populated by kidnappers with a penchant for force feeding cakes to their captives.

Harem of the week: Kei Kusanagi (Onegai Teacher)

A mild-mannered young man with a disease that caused him to periodically have standstills and look 15 at age 18, Kei was nonetheless quite a hit with the ladies- especially those from outer space.


Mizuho: Kei’s alien teacher, who he ends up married to after a series of events triggered by discovering her secret. Although it is initially a marriage of convenience, they do develop feelings for each other.

Herikawa: Kei’s optimistic and good-natured classmate who obviously has unrequited feelings for him.

Ichigo: Another classmate who suffers from the same disease as Kei and hence is in fact 21 years old.

Maho: Mizuho’s little sister; she initially disapproves of Kei but later seems to develop affectionate feelings for him.

Katsuho: Mizuho’s outgoing mother, an older woman who seems interested in seducing Kei.

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    Scenes We’d Like to See is a great addition to TR ;p I wish Mock the Week would bring back Between The Lines

  2. Neriya says:

    Hehe, in the FMA context I don’t think these sins have quite the kick of their predecessors.

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