Final Thoughts: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Rita’s name has been cleared and her country saved, but she isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet. Instead, the intrepid princess decides to accompany her friends on a quest to track down the man who killed Tina’s parents- but along the way they will run into conspiracies, a love triangle and any number of trials that will test their friendship to the limit.

With the first season of Sisters of Wellber proving to be entirely average, I was expecting the second to offer more of the same bland inoffensiveness. Unfortunately, what I hadn’t counted on was that the series was now so practised at being dull that the second batch of thirteen episodes would be even more underwhelming than the first.

Whilst it was never anything to write home about, I at least felt able to pay attention to the plot of the first season, but this time around it seemed more lacklustre than ever. The bulk of the season meandered around with a pointless revenge story, but since that obviously wasn’t considered mind-numbing enough on its own, we were treated to yet more ‘fascinating’ plot elements. After inserting a painfully irritating love triangle involving Galahad, Rita and Tina (come on, we all know Rita and Tina are meant to be together!), the series tried to enliven itself with the kind of twist that you wish would end with the main characters shouting at each other on the Jeremy Kyle show. Unfortunately, the series opts for a more conventional finale, leaving you to wonder why you even bothered in the first place.

As before, the characters prove to be little to write home about; the main characters are just as uninteresting as they were before, whilst the antagonists (in particular the ‘final boss’) are little more than laughable. The most interesting bit of character development in the whole series is an episode detailing the origins of talking tank Cyrano de Bergerac, and even this is hardly worth taking the time to watch.

Visually, the animation quality is much the same as last season- decent enough, but nothing special. Background music is as forgettable as ever.

Final Thoughts

Average as it was, the original Sisters of Wellber was still just about watchable, which is more than can be said for this utterly bland second season. Even at the best times it struggled to keep my attention- even if you made it all the way through the first season, there is no reason to subject yourself to this.

Tier: Wood

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