Tuesday Rumble: August 21st

chibi-karura-blog.pngThis week on Tuesday Rumble, Chibi Dii takes a well-earned vacation, but for one week only, new blog mascot Chibi Karura is taking his place in order to make her introduction. Meanwhile, Fashion Police will also be on hiatus for a while, but if you want to see your favourite law enforcers back, then do your civic duty by reporting fashion violators in the comment section below.

Chagum’s Spinning Coins

Ever wished for something a little more exciting than the sitting and talking of Seirei no Moribito? Then Chagum’s Spinning Coins is the one for you, an exciting tale based on the episode where Chagum plays the spinning coin game! Can young Chagum, a beginner at Spinning Coins, master the game and rise to the top in time for the upcoming world tournament? Can he defeat the evil forces hoping to use the power of Spinning Coins to take over the world? Tune in and find out! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 21st”

Tuesday Rumble: January 16th

Yesterday I just happened to be messing about in the WordPress admin section when I noticed this great post on how to annoy people using instant messaging. It’s rare that I find something so hilarious that I wish I had written it myself, but this just hit the spot- not least because I’ve been on the receiving end of almost all of these strategies.

Also, my blog is now over six months old; it hardly feels like I have been doing this for half a year.

Fruits Basket II: Tohru saves the world
If 136 chapters of Furuba weren’t enough for you, then fear not, because Furuba II is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: January 16th”