UtaWarriors: Utawarerumono mini-game

Picture the scene; you’ve been keeping up with the Utaware anime, but it wasn’t quite enough. You ventured onto forums discussing the game and decided that even the H-scenes and lengthy dialogue sections in a foreign language weren’t enough to dissuade you- it just had to be played. Unfortunately, the main game did not take overly long for its possibilities to be exhausted, and as the end credits rolled, you couldn’t help wondering just where your next Utaware fix was coming from. Well, fear not, for elusive as it is, another Utaware game does exist; an isometric scrolling beat-‘em-up featuring all of your favourite characters (click here for a video clip, download the game itself here).

In the manner of most beat-‘em-ups, the game itself is straightforward but fun, and for those that started out with the anime, nothing can quite beat the enjoyment of taking your favourite characters out for a spin. Unfortunately, information about this obscure little release is scattered and not easy to locate, so I’ve decided to compile my experiences with it into one comprehensive FAQ.

Playing the Game
Getting started is fairly simple; press Enter to skip the intro and start the game, select your character and you’re ready to go. If you want to peruse the high scores, leave the game idling on the title screen, and it will automatically come up after a little while.

Simple Controls
Gameplay is pretty much a no-brainer, but sometimes it helps to have a reference anyway before you randomly start pressing buttons. Since I’ve yet to properly try the two player mode, these controls are just for player 1.

Movement: directional buttons, unsurprisingly.

Attack: Ctrl, Enter or Alt Gr; press repeatedly to enact a four part combo attack.

Jump: Shift.

Aerial attack: Press attack whilst in the air. Most aerial attacks are just regular slashes whilst in the air; I’ll specifically note any variations in the character section.

Special Attack: Simultaneously press Attack+Jump when your special bar is at least 1 (the bar fills as you damaged and defeat enemies). For some characters, repeatedly pressing or holding attack will add an extra strike to the special.

Magic (Urotorii, Kamyu only): hold down attack to charge, then release to cast; press up or down to switch between elements. If you are attacked whilst charging magic, the spell will be cancelled.

Options: F2; as far as I can tell, the only way to quit the options screen is to select ‘restart’ and go back to the title screen. See below for a detailed breakdown of the options menu.

Restart game: F3 will reload the game and take you back to the title screen.

Pause, Quit: Escape will pause the game and bring up a confirmation dialogue box; press OK to quit, Cancel to go back to the game.

As far as saving goes, there’s no need to worry about it- the game automatically saves unlocked characters, completed stage data and high scores. You will have to start from stage A each time you load the game, however.

The Game Screen


Here’s what you’ll be staring at once you’re ready to get stuck in; it’s pretty self explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway The information along the top tells you your score (build up points by damaging enemies), number of lives remaining and time remaining; top left is enemy graphic and HP, bottom left is your character graphic, HP (yellow bar) and special attack bar (blue). When charging magic for Urotorii or Kamyu, the special attack bar will temporarily be replaced by a magic bar and a graphic of the current magic element. In two-player mode, the second character’s info will appear on the right.

Options Menu


Press Up or Down to select an option, left or right to change it.

BGM, SE Volume: Unsurprisingly, use these to change the volume of music and sound effects- max volume for each is 256.

P1, P2 Alignment: This determines which directions the D-pad keys will take you in (i.e. how the axes are aligned). When the arrow is pointing diagonally, you’ll move straight up and down; the other options will mean that you’ll move along the diagonals (having the arrow pointing up means upwards will be up and right; having it point right means up will be upwards and left).

Player: This is the number of lives you get per continue (credit); default is three, maximum is nine.

Level: Difficulty level- choose from Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. By the time the difficulty is up to Very Hard, enemies will be insanely fast and more inclined to attack (or in the case of bosses, use their specials), but for the most part their attack and defence are only slightly higher, and their total health is unchanged.

Credit: This is the number of times you get to continue after losing all your lives; default is three, maximum is six.

Versus: Switch two-player mode on and off. Sorry, I made a mistake here; you can play in one or two player mode whether or not this is switched on, however, when versus mode is on, you can attack and damage the other player.

Flip: Switch this on, and the screen will be flipped as shown below (this affects every screen). Aside from the dubious novelty, I’ve yet to see any use for this.


Screen size: Toggle between playing fullscreen or in a 640×480 window.

Music: Listen to different bgm tracks by selecting a number and pressing enter (selecting 0 will switch off the music).

Sound: Listen to different sound effects by selecting a number and pressing enter (selecting 0 will switch off the sound effects). These include sound effects from the original game.

CG Test: Press enter to go to a character sprite database. If you’ve beaten stage J, the congratulations screen will also be available.

Factory Settings: Be very careful about this option; switching it on will delete all your unlocked characters and completed stage information.

Restart: Select this and press enter when you’re ready to quit options and restart the game.

Player’s character: Displays all unlocked characters.

Zone: Displays all completed stages.

As well as a near endless stream of enemies, you’ll occasionally run into more benign objects.

Boxes and pots: Sometimes these are just there to block your way, but more often than not they’ll have goodies inside. Smash them open to find out.

Fruits and meat: Anything that looks like food will restore your health; pick them up quickly as they’ll fade away after a set period of time. Yellow fruits offer low healing (plus a minor boost to the special bar), red apples offer medium healing, and meat will restore your health completely. Can’t be picked up when you’ve just respawned.

Yellow flag: This gives you one extra life (found at the end of Nuwangi and Sasante’s stages).

Green leaf: These give you one extra credit.

Large crate: At the points where you fight Nuwangi, Sasante or Orikakan, you may notice a large crate with someone inside asking for ‘help’. Breaking them open will either unlock a new playable character or release an unmanned lizard. Kill the lizard before it runs away to obtain extra fruits or meat for health replenishment.



There are ten different stages (or zones) in total arranged as above, four of which need to be completed to finish the game. Starting from A, at the end of each level you can pick from the two adjacent levels in the next column; the topmost A-B-D-G route is arguably the easiest, with the lowest A-C-F-J offering the greatest challenge. Prior to the actual level, a scrolling story screen will come up; press Enter to skip this and get to the action. Each stage has a time limit of 400 seconds (except J, which gives you a generous 700s). Once time runs out, you can still play, but rocks will start falling from the sky with increasing frequency, greatly lowering the chances of survival.

If the end-of-stage boss is on another screen, you will get 300s+any time remaining from the main stage to defeat them. At the beginning of each stage or separate boss screen, your health will be replenished, whilst the special bar will remain at the same level.

On death, you will drop back into the level at the point where you died, knocking back enemies and dealing them minor damage in the process. Once all your lives are gone, you’ll have ten seconds to decide whether to use up a credit and continue; once again you’ll respawn at the same place, but your special bar will be emptied.

Each stage concludes with a boss fight; each boss also comes with his own retinue of minions, and most can use a move that knocks you back whilst they summon more minions to replace any you destroyed. Once the boss is down and the stage ends, you’ll receive bonus points for whatever time and health you have left (100 points per second remaining, 50 points per HP remaining, plus if your health bar is full, you’ll get an additional 10,000 point bonus). Points aren’t just for the high score board; the game will credit you with an extra life at 100,000 points, and then another one every 200,000 points after that. At the end of the game, you’ll receive an additional 100,000 point bonus for each life you have remaining. Press Enter to fast forward through the end credits if desired.

The number in brackets after the boss’ name indicates how many health bars they have at the start of the battle.

Stage A

Enemies: Kamimau (monkeys)

A simple beginner’s level to get you into the game; the monkeys are weak and slow to attack, making them perfect for testing and perfecting the moves of your chosen character. About halfway through the stage, you’ll get a ‘many enemies are approaching’ notice and will have to fight a whole squad of monkeys; even this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, however.

Boss- Mutikapa (2): The king of the forest is a highly straightforward boss. Provided you stick close to her and keep on the offensive she won’t even have room to retaliate; move away, however, and she’ll unleash a medium strength claw attack.

Stage B

Enemies: mages, archers, foot soldiers, lizard (Woptar) cavalry

This is where the real game begins; from now on enemies have a lot more HP than previously, providing a test that separates the characters into their various tiers. Archers and mages prove most annoying since they will hit you with ranged attacks, but run away if you approach them; lizard cavalry, although few in number, will catch up to most characters if you use the hit and run (or just plain run) technique. Towards the end of the stage, you’ll face a ‘many enemies are approaching’ screen.

Boss- Nuwangi (3): Although not overly strong or gifted, Nuwangi has the stamina to prove an annoyance, especially to the weaker characters. His special is a series of sword strikes followed by medium-strength wind attack that will hit anyone next to him and throw them into the air; this can be surprisingly damaging if you get the full force of it.

Stage C

Enemies: mages, archers, foot soldiers, lizard cavalry

Stage C is basically a more intense version of B; the layout is the same but you’ll face more soldiers.

Boss- Sasante (3): Sasante is pretty much one big target until his health gets into the yellow and he starts using his special attack, in which he performs a spin attack, pauses, and then launches into the air using a fire attack. For characters with sufficient range and speed to strike without getting hit, it will be easy enough to cancel this attack, but weaker characters should just stay back until he’s done.

Stage D

Part One

Enemies: Foot soldiers, archers, lizard cavalry, mages

A shorter and more concentrated version of Stages B-C, this level will throw numerous foot soldiers at you, with a few archers and mages mixed in, as well as more lizard riders than before. Stronger characters should be able to make their way through, but the weaker ones will easily by overwhelmed.

Mid-Boss- Orikakan (1): Orikakan is not particularly strong on his own, but the fact that he is surrounded by minions adds a degree of difficulty. Whilst the best characters can easily deal with him, the weaker ones may find themselves in trouble, and everyone should keep an eye out for his lightning attack.

Part Two

Time: 300s+ time remaining from part one.

Boss- Suonkasu (4): Suonkasu is not particularly strong, but he is fast, which can make him troublesome for the weaker characters. His ranged dagger throwing means that it is best to stay close and press the attack, but watch out for his special; the four-way dagger throw is not particularly strong, but the lightning attack follow-up is far more damaging. If you see him charging his special, jump out of the way and stay off the diagonals. Although he has the boss standard knock back attack, it will not summon more minions.

Stage E

Enemies: Foot soldiers, lizard cavalry, armour golems, mages, archers, fire breathing statues.

This level is laid out in the same way as Stage D, but with one important alteration- the number of foot soldiers has been reduced, and in their place, golems roam the level, making it even more likely that weaker characters will be overwhelmed.

Mid-Boss- Orikakan (1): This is much the same as the Stage D Orikakan battle, except that he seems a little more aggressive and swifter to attack. The crate in this level is guarded by a single fire breathing statue.

Boss- Hien (2) and Hawenkua (2): Complete with a retinue of six armour golems, the boss duo fights in their own custom mecha. As soon as you can, use a special attack to clear the screen of the generic golems (they won’t summon any more) and concentrate on the two bosses. Neither boss has particularly high defence, but watch out for their special attacks- Hau (red) will cast a wide range fire attack for major damage, whilst Hien (black) uses a paralysing special attack identical to Genji’s that pretty much guarantees a one hit kill. Whilst Hau at least needs a little time to charge, Hien can cast his very quickly- since it is very hard to evade, your best bet is just to make an all-out attack and attempt to end the stage before he can use it.

Stage F

Enemies: Foot soldiers, lizard cavalry, armour golems, mages, archers, fire breathing statues.

The layout is the same as stages D-E, but the enemy are now present in overwhelming numbers; foot soldiers and lizard cavalry will harass you from the start, and as you proceed, archers, golem and mage squads will all be added to the mix. Even the strongest of characters will need to bring out their special attacks to keep the enemy at bay.

Mid-Boss- Orikakan (1): This is basically the same as the Stage E Orikakan battle; the crate in this level is guarded by three fire breathing statues.

Boss- Niwe (4): Despite his age, Niwe is insanely fast; he’ll spend so much time zipping across the screen that he’ll easily land a few sly blows whilst you may be hard put to even finish a combo against him. Once his health gets into the yellow, he’ll revert to his special- a mid strength wind attack that concludes with a series of jump attacks. Since you can’t hope to get in any damage whilst he’s performing this attack, just keep out of the way; more annoying than any damage he inflicts, however, is the way he will almost continually use his special, leaving few windows of opportunity to hit him back.

Stage G

Enemies: Foot soldiers, archers, mages, lizard cavalry, armour golems, fire breathing statues, zombies, slimes.

Armoured golems patrol this entire stage; they have high HP and strength, but are actually not as fearsome as they first appear- their defence is low enough that they can be dispatched with relative ease.

The level will begin with a wave of human enemies- lizards, foot soldiers and archers; move on a bit and a ‘many enemies’ screen filled with mages will appear. After clearing out the humans, you’ll move forward to a bridge guarded by golems and fire breathing statues; although the statues cannot move, they’ll spew out damaging fire directly in front. There isn’t much room to manoeuvre (or run away) on the bridge, especially as there seems to be a wind blowing you back to the near side; you’ll have to fight your way through and expect to lose a life or two when playing as a weaker character.

The far side of the bridge is populated by slimes (mid-strength) and zombies (weak but fast), work through these to reach another normal army squad and a final wave of mages. Finally, you’ll make it to a bridge guarded by Kanhorudari and his two golem bodyguards.

Mid-Boss- Kanhorudari (1): If you choose to fight on the bridge itself instead of luring Kan over to the other side, you may find yourself in close quarters and getting assailed on all sides. Kan’s attacks will inflict serious damage if you let him build up a combo, so be sure to take advantage of his low defence and just keep on the attack. His fire special attack can be troublesome, but since it takes a while to charge you can easily evade it.

Part Two

Boss- Mutsumi (4): The screen will be crawling with slimes, and in their midst the final boss awaits. Mutsumi’s normal attack consists of a forward slash followed by a dark magic sphere/four way attack combo; try to keep behind her and avoid being sucked into the dark magic sphere as it will knock a significant chunk off of your health. Once her health gets into the yellow, she will almost continually cast her special attack- a dark energy beam that annihilates everything in front of her. It’s near fatal even with a full health bar, but fortunately is also highly directional; once you see her charging it, make every effort to get behind her and sneak in a few attacks, or at the very least just move out of harms way.

Stage H

Enemies: Slimes, zombies, armour golems, mages, foot soldiers, lizard cavalry, archers

This stage will throw you in at the deep end right from the start, opening with an unavoidable line of fire-breathers leading to an area of slimes, golems and zombies. As you break through the fire-breathers and continue onwards, you’ll be attacked by a party of foot soldiers and lizards.

Entrance to the next part of the level is blocked by a fire breather, take it down and you’ll face attacks from archers and a squad of mages, get past these and a ‘many enemies’ screen will inundate you with lizards, mages and a few foot soldiers.

The next section is the only point in the game where you’ll get to pick between two separate paths; the left path is the shorter and easier of the two, only pitting you against slimes and zombies. The right hand path begins with a fire-breather gauntlet of doom, before putting you smack in the middle of another mage squad. Both paths lead you to the same place- a confrontation with Kanhorudari.

Mid-Boss- Kanhorudari (1): The strategy for Kan himself is much the same as in stage G; you may find it a little harder to get to him, however, as there will be more enemies swarming about. Use a special to clear the screen of lesser foes.

Boss- Dii (4): Another slime-filled final boss screen, this time with Dii as the target. The first part of the battle isn’t too tough as he’ll rely on standard sword attacks, but once his health gets into the yellow he will begin relying on his special- an attack that summons deadly shafts of light all around him. Once you see him start charging it, don’t even think about doing anything other than running away to the other side of the screen; if you get caught in those beams you can say goodbye to an entire health bar. Once his special is done, Dii will follow you and you can get in a few more strikes before he casts it again.

Stage I

Enemies: Armour golems, slimes, mages, fire breathing statues, zombies, foot soldiers, lizard cavalry

The level opens like a bad horror movie with a combined slime and zombie assault, work through these and you’ll find yourself in a gauntlet of death with fire breathers placed at regular intervals along the right hand wall. Attacking the fire breathers is usually more trouble than it’s worth, so just evade them and apply yourself to the enemy at hand. First up you’ll face a golem assault; moving on will take you through soldier and lizard territory and finally to a group of mages.

Completing the gauntlet rewards you with a ‘many enemies’ screen filled with golem; clear them out with a special or two and you’ll find yourself facing a fire-breather blockade patrolled by slimes. Take these down and you’ll find yourself in serious golem territory, with Kanhorudari waiting at the end.

Mid-Boss- Kanhorudari (1): Compared to the overwhelming might of his surrounding golems, Kan really isn’t much to worry about here. It’s probably wise to pull out a special attack to clear the screen; the slimes in the next battle will easily enable to recharge for the final boss.

Boss- Monster Dii (4): The slimes are back, and this time the centre of it all is Dii in his monster form, perhaps the toughest of the final bosses. His regular swipe is pretty damaging and far-reaching, but by far the biggest thing to worry about the special he’ll start using once his health gets in the yellow; after jumping in the air and charging it, he’ll barrel towards you in a fiery jet stream. This attack will almost certainly deplete your entire health gauge, and is extremely difficult to evade.

Stage J

This stage is boss battle extravanga, reuniting all the bosses of Stages A-F in one long succession of single screen battles. The bosses come complete with their retinue of minions (in easy mode, only Mutikapa and Niwe seem able to summon more once the first are cut down, but by very hard, everyone can and will regularly summon reinforcements), and each must be faced on a single screen, which unfortunately means that time will be wasted as the bosses often wander offscreen and out of your reach. The first few bosses seem to attack more enthusiastically than they did in their original stages, but the general strategy for each is the same as before.

Order of Bosses: Mutikapa, Nuwangi, Sasante, Suonkasu, Hien+Hawenkua, Niwe, Orikakan, Kanhorudari

Boss- Monster Haku (4): It’s the usual slime + final boss screen, and this time you’ll be going up against Haku in monster form. His swipes and fire-breathing are fairly standard and seem slightly weaker than Dii’s monster form, however he has an added special attack that casts a wide area fire attack in front of him- get caught in this and you are pretty much guaranteed to lose a life. Try to keep behind him where possible, and just keep plugging away with attacks.



There are 24 characters to unlock in the basic game (see later for info on the add on patch), four of which are available at the start. The character bios will be ordered as they are on the above screen, starting at the top left and working along each row. The numbers in brackets listed next to the character’s special attack indicates how many times their special bar can be charged before it maxes out.

Suggestions on who to pick: Dii is by far and away my favourite character; he can pretty much carve through enemy ranks with his normal attacks alone, but has an ungodly special attack to clean up if need be. Genjimaru is a strong all-rounder with a devastating special, whilst Touka is slightly weaker but incredibly fast and equipped with a similar special attack. Mutsumi is undoubtedly strong and will have little trouble with anything you throw at her, but is less fun to use given her ‘stand back’ approach to attacking, whilst Dorii is a powerful choice once you master long-range tactics. Out of the starting line-up, speed demon Oboro is by far and away the best choice.

Of late I’ve noticed that when playing as certain characters (usually the weaker ones), enemies seem less inclined to attack than they are to just run around. I’ve yet to comprehensively investigate this, however.


Weapon: Mace, rides lizard

How to unlock: Defeat him using Touka.

Special Attack (2): Ori uses a jump to throw surrounding enemies in the air, and then hits them with a lightning attack when they land. It looks a lot more impressive than it actually is.

Comments: An average character in every department, Ori’s attacks are all mid-strength. The latter part of his attack combo sees his lizard perform a short range kick which is often ill-aimed and useless.


Weapon: Spear

How to unlock: Defeat him using Hakuoro.

Special Attack (3): Niwe summons a white flame attack that damages nearby enemies, before repeatedly leaping into the air and performing a downward strike. Whilst the flame is useful, the second part of the attack will more often see you striking the ground than crushing the skull of an unsuspecting target.

Comments: Niwe is an unpredictable character to use; his stats are solid enough but with even his basic attacks involving aerial strikes, it makes it difficult to do more than randomly jump around the screen and hope for the best. Fortunately, however, his speed and predilection for remaining airborne do help him to evade enemy attacks.


Weapon: Claws

How to unlock: Defeat him using Nuwangi.

Special attack (4): Sasante spins around the spot, damaging anyone that comes into range of his claws, before summoning fire attacks all around, and finishing with fiery boost into the air that damages anyone caught in its wake. The latter part of the attack is certainly powerful, but unless you’re in a really dense crowd, enemies will be knocked away from the first spinning attack almost straight away and take very little damage.

Comments: Given that he is less than aesthetically pleasing (okay, he’s damn fugly), I wasn’t expecting a great deal from Sasante, but actually he isn’t too awful. Predictably, he’s pretty slow, but he’s also strong with high HP, enabling him to just barrel through the opposition. His greatest flaw is the way he knocks the enemy away with his opening claw swipe, and then follows up with a short range lightning attack that cannot reach them (a pattern echoed in his special attack).


Weapon: Sword

How to unlock: Defeat him using Eruruu.

Special attack (1): Nuwangi makes a number of sideways strikes with his wang meat cleaver of a sword, dealing major damage to the enemies closest to him and throwing them into the air. Useful, but takes a while to charge.

Comments: Nuwangi is like a poor man’s Karura; average all around with a slight emphasis on strength, but only able to effectively attack directly in front of him. He can deal respectable damage when he gets a hit in, but is easily overwhelmed by crowds.


Weapon: Sword.

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (2): Touka enacts two swift slashes that carry her across the screen, before unleashing a paralysing blow that deals major damage to all enemies within a set radius.

Comments: Touka’s all-round stats are solidly above average, but when it comes to speed she is unmatched- her four-slash combo is swift enough to cancel even boss special attacks. Her special attack is devastating when it hits, but you may find yourself sweeping across the screen and unleashing it on thin air instead. After a little practise, however, she soon proves her worth as a top rank character.


Weapon: Fan.

How to unlock: Starting character.

Special Attack (3): Haku transforms into his monstrous alter ego and rains fire-breathing destruction down on his enemies; this state continuously drains his special bar until he reverts back to normal once it empties. The monster’s fire breath is useful for crowd-clearing, but his regular swings are clumsy and often miss their target.

Comments: An average all-rounder who proves good enough against single enemies, but falters against groups due to his highly directional attacks. Compared to the top tier of characters, he remains distinctly average.


Weapon: Rides Mukuru, carries mascot (Gatchataru).

How to unlock: Starting character.

Special Attack (2): Aru’s mascot creates a large tornado that damages all enemies caught in its way. Fairly standard as special attacks go.

Comments: Aru and her so-called ‘furry menagerie of doom’ are an unpredictable set to play with, powerful if you can get them right, but all too often hard to control. Aru’s attacks alternate between Mukuru’s short range claw swipes, and the mascot flying off to target an enemy with lightning, with pauses in between to regroup; despite her solid attack, defence and HP, the ‘back and forth’ nature of these attacks can make them hard to target and control. To offset this problem a little, try using her jump attack and crushing enemies from above with Mukuru’s claws.


Weapon: Fights hand-to-hand.

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (1): Provided she has less than max HP, Eruruu will completely heal herself, and also knock back surrounding enemies, dealing them minor enemies. Given her low stats, the healing ability is useful, but a strong attack skill would have been welcome.

Comments: In internet parlance, Eruruu is ‘teh suck’; her karate chop is a close range attack that deals minor damage to even the weakest of enemies and the fact that it both stuns them and knocks them across the screen is a double-edged sword, since you have to keep running after them to deliver a follow up blow. Her magical defence is reasonable, but physical defence and HP are low; in fact, the best way to beat the game with her is to run away from normal enemies as much as you can, and never let up the attacks against bosses lest they have time to charge their own special moves.


Weapon: Bow and Arrow

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special Attack (2): Dorii releases a hail of arrows from his bow, blitzing everything in front of him. The last few arrows create small wind vortices.

Comments: When I first considered the prospect of using an archer in a fighting game, it didn’t seem to hold much merit, but despite his below average stats, Dorii quickly surprised me with his usefulness. Given the ranged nature of his bow attacks, a little strategy is required; instead of charging in, take it slowly and let the enemies funnel towards you so that they can be annihilated with a rapid volley of arrows- unfortunately, this approach may also see you run out of time, so keep an eye on the clock.

Since this tactic will fail on ‘many enemy’ screens or any situation where you find yourself surrounded, always keep the special attack in reserve for tight spots like these. His jump attack fires an arrow upwards to come crashing down on the enemy; this can be of help against faster enemies but is generally surplus to requirements.


Weapon: Twin swords.

How to unlock: Starting character.

Special Attack (3): Oboro charges about the screen unleashing a flurry of swift attacks, before finishing with a number of small fire attacks. It’s a useful addition to his arsenal, but nothing special.

Comments: Oboro’s all-round stats may only be slightly above average, but he has the advantage of speed on his side, along with a swift combo attack that juggles enemies into the air, ensuring that they cannot evade the full force of your blows. His high speed also makes him uniquely suited to dodging enemy attacks; a real crowd-clearing character.


Weapon: Axe

How to unlock: Starting character

Special Attack (2): Teoro spins around whilst moving across the screen, catching nearby enemies with his axe as he goes; one of the most unremarkable special attacks around.

Comments: Teoro is a serviceable character, nothing more; he is able to methodically chop through the enemy ranks, but none of his stats are particularly outstanding. His basic combo consists of downward and lateral axe swings before ending on an axe spin that knocks back the encroaching enemy.


Weapon: Bow and Arrow

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special Attack (3): Guraa fires into the air; moments later a hail of arrows comes raining down from the sky, hitting enemies all over the screen. Although this is a useful crowd clearer, it is let down by taking a few moments to take effect, and is not particularly useful when facing off against bosses.

Comments: Tactically, Guraa should be used in the same way as Dorii; he fires two arrows at a time to his brother’s one, but the total damage inflicted seems much the same. Similarly, his jump attack fires two arrows straight down, but nonetheless Dorii still maintains the edge due to a more versatile special, leaving Guraa essentially redundant.


Weapon: Tonfa

How to unlock: Release from box

Special Attack (1): Deri transforms into a glowing berserker state where his speed, range and strength are enhanced; the special bar is continuously drained until he reverts back to normal once it empties.

Comments: In his hyper-mode, Deri is a worthy character, but unfortunately his default stats mark him out as yet another average fighter with a short attack range. His jump attack lets him sweep across the screen, but it isn’t easy to actually hit anything.


Weapon: Sword

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special Attack (1): In a similar fashion to the final part of Touka’s special, Genji unleashes a paralysing blow that deals major damage to all enemies within a set radius.

Comments: Imagine taking everything that is good about Touka and Karura and combining them into one package; you’d lose some of the speed and a little of the strength, but the result would still be a strong warrior with solid all round stats. On top of that, Genji has all the good parts of Touka’s special without any of the bad ‘missing the target’ concerns, placing him a shade above her in the overall rankings.


Weapon: Sword; fights in armoured mecha.

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (1): Kuuya stands on the spot and releases flames directly in front of her (she can be rotated). It’ll go to waste if the enemy move out of range, but is useful for getting out of trouble.

Comments: Kuuya may be strong warrior with high HP, but she is rendered near useless by her low speed, limited attack range and lack of evasive ability. Provided she has the initiative against a single enemy she’ll easily cut them down, but tougher opponents can easily block her, and she’ll flounder in a tightly-packed crowd until her special attack is unleashed.


Weapon: Spear, rides lizard

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special Attack (2): Benawi dashes around the screen, attacking he goes, before finishing with a lightning attack that strikes nearby opponents. It’s a decent enough attack, if not in the top ranks.

Comments: Benawi is in effect an improved version of Orikakan; he has more speed and finesse, but his combo is likewise broken up by a short range lizard kick that is hard to target and disrupts the flow of attack.


Weapon: Sword.

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (1): Karura slams her sword into the ground and releases a fire attack over a set radius, searing enemies and then throwing them into the air for massive damage. A useful crowd clearer.

Comments: Karura is a high HP powerhouse whose massive sword allows her to smash through practically anything (as long as it’s directly in front of her, at least). Unfortunately, whilst her defence is solid enough, she is not the fastest of warriors, putting her at a disadvantage against the speedier bosses, and ensuring that she cannot often evade a sustained enemy assault.


Weapon: Flame-enhanced hand.

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (1): Kamyu releases a dark energy beam that hits everything in front of her; mid-strength destructive power.

Magic: Fire- Kamyu jumps in the air and summons a searing fire attack to burn the ground below.

Earth- Kamyu summons boulders to come crashing down on the enemy.

Comments: Kamyu is that rarest of things; a comparatively weak character who is nonetheless fun to use, at least in the early levels. Her basic attack can hit a fair few enemies at once for minor damage, but when it comes to magic she puts on a better show-if you get time to enact it, her fully charged Earth attack is nothing short of devastating. Her jump attack sends a ball of black energy straight down to the enemy waiting below, but whilst it looks flashy, it does only moderate damage. Like Urotorii, her wings enable her to quickly fly away from danger.


Weapon: Energy sword

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special attack (1): Urotorii releases an energy beam that cuts a swathe through the enemies directly in front of her; mid-strength destructive power.

Magic: Wind- Uro jumps in the air and creates a tornado directly below to suck in nearby enemies.

Lightning- Uro summons lightning to strike surrounding enemies.

Comments: Her extended move set makes her one of the hardest characters to master, but once you get the hang of it, she can be rewarding. Her basic attack is fast and weak, whilst her slightly stronger jump attack creates an air-to-ground energy ball that can damage and scatter a group of enemies (provided you can get it to hit). Her magic isn’t overly strong unless charged up (a process which leaves one open to attack) but it is highly useful for keeping the enemy at bay. And if all else fails, Uro’s wings enable her to beat a swift retreat.


Weapon: Sword, rides lizard

How to unlock: Release from box.

Special Attack (1): Kurou dashes around the screen, attacking he goes, before finishing with a fire attack that strikes nearby opponents. It’s a slightly inferior version of Benawi’s special.

Comments: Kurou is the weakest of the lizard-riders; his HP is high but his sword does not have the reach of Ori and Benawi’s weapon and, like the rest, his combo is disrupted by the lizard kick. A poor man’s Benawi.


Weapon: Throwing daggers.

How to unlock: Defeat him using Karura

Special Attack (1): Suon tosses daggers in four directions, before summoning a lightning attack that damages nearby enemies. This is quite possibly the most useless special attack in the game; the first part is easily evaded, the lightning can be cancelled, and overall it does less damage than Suon’s normal attacks. Even monkeys can survive it.

Comments: Suon seems to represent an attempt to combine short and long range fighting styles, and not do a very good job of either. His regular combo attack includes long-range dagger throwing, but also a short-range uppercut that hurls the enemy in the air; it is best to ignore this short-range move and use him in the same way as Dorii and Guraa- with his strength, HP and defence all rather low, taking him into the thick of battle is asking for trouble.

I’ve since given Suon another chance and discovered that his short range uppercut is his strongest move, so my new advice is to let him move in close after his initial ranged knife-throw. Unfortunately you still need to take care of his low HP.


Weapon: Energy dagger, dark magic

How to unlock: Defeat her using Kamyu.

Special Attack (2): An enhanced version of Kamyu’s special, Mutsumi shoots out beams of dark energy directly in front of her for massive damage.

Comments: An unconventional attacker, Mutsumi opens with a standard weak swipe before enclosing the enemies in front of her in a dark sphere, attacking them with shadow clones of herself, and following through with a long forward dash. Although it is not always easy to get the sphere on target, a successful strike is equal to the strength of many other characters’ special attacks. Having her even stronger special on top of this puts her firmly in the top tier, although her weak energy wave jump attack is nothing remarkable. Although you’ll rarely want to run away, she is the fastest flier, able to outpace even lizard cavalry.


Weapon: Sword

How to unlock: Defeat him using Urotorii.

Special attack (1): Dii summons shafts of light to strike down the enemy all around him. An immensely useful crowd clearer and boss punisher that loses effectiveness when employed against single enemies as it becomes easier for them to evade.

Comments: As befits his final boss status, Dii is the ultimate character- his normal attack has a respectable strength and finishes with a flourish in which he jumps backwards to evade counterattack and launches forward again for a final strike. Both his physical and magical defence are solid enough to survive a sutained enemy assault, whilst his general 1337ness is rounded off by a jump attack that creates an air to ground energy bomb.


Weapon: Sword

How to unlock: Defeat him using Dii.

Special Attack (2): Kan charges for a few moments before unleashing a radial fire attack that burns enemies and throws them into the air. The charging time makes it inferior to other specials of this type, since it gives the enemy time to wander off.

Comments: Kanhorudari, or ‘Sabretooth’ as I prefer to call him, is a solidly average character, but for a mere mid-boss he isn’t too bad to play with. His sweeping sword attacks carry him back and forth across the screen, so with a decent enough aim you can carve a bloody path through enemy ranks. Unfortunately, his low speed means that he’ll find it hard to defend himself when the enemies get serious.

I need more: an add-on for the truly addicted
Want to play as Hien and Hau? Need more from the game? Luckily for you, there is a so called “PowerUp Kit” to be found here, just download and extract it to the directory where the game is located to acquire a few extras.

This add-on will give you ending cutscenes for each character, dialogue when encountering bosses for those that didn’t have it before, joystick support and a new ‘instructions’ section in options, but more importantly, there are a few new characters added to the roster.

New Characters



Weapon: Bell (used to summon protection)

How to unlock: Complete stage J with any character.

Special Attack (1): Yuzuha summons Hakuoro, Benawi, Kurou, Karura, Touka, Dorii, Guraa and Aruruu to attack, followed up by lightning and earth attacks from Urotorii and Kamyu respectively. Finally, Eruruu appears and heals Yuzuha.

Comments: Those familiar with the anime or original game will know that Yuzuha is a blind girl who spends most of her time bedridden- how, then, can she possibly fight? The answer is that she doesn’t; instead, she summons others to protect her. In her normal attack, she’ll call Oboro to attack directly in front, Dorii and Guraa to shoot a few arrows, and finally Aru to clear the space around her (for maximum effect, stand facing the enemy from a short distance away). Her jump attack (she doesn’t actually jump) summons Karura and Touka to attack along opposite diagonals. On occasion, Eruruu will appear to heal Yuzuha, but I’m unsure as how to knowingly trigger this.

With this army of warriors at her beck and call, Yuzuha can usually handle anything the game throws at her despite her low HP, but it isn’t particularly satisfying to just stand back and let others attack. After the novelty has worn off, she’ll quickly lose her appeal.


Weapon: Sword, uses mecha

How to unlock: Starting character.

Special Attack (1): A weaker version of Genji’s special; Hien briefly charges, then paralyses all the enemies within a set radius and deals them a fair chunk of damage. It is disappointingly weak compared to the amount of damage Genji and Touka can deal with this attack.

Comments: Hien is like a slightly better version of Kuuya- his attack and range are higher, but thanks to his low defence, even his high HP can’t prevent him from being overwhelmed in a crowd. Probably the best of the mecha-users, but still nothing special.


Weapon: Claws, uses mecha

How to unlock: Starting character.

Special Attack (2): Hau releases a fire attack that incinerates the area in front of him. Although it looks impressive, it can be hard to target, and there are many similar specials which do a far better job.

Comments: As a mecha user, Hau suffers from the usual problems of low defence and a tendency to get overwhelmed in crowds, but unfortunately he has few advantages to make up for it. Even his basic attack combo starts with a set of weak and short range mincing steps before he finally pulls out a decent claw swipe- unfortunately, even this is too little against anything stronger than a monkey.


Weapon: He’s a fire-breathing statue.

How to unlock: Complete stage I with any character.

Special Attack (2): Degu transforms into a glowing state where his fire breathing attack power is enhanced; this state will continuously drain the combo bar, until he reverts back to normal when it empties. Not only is this useful for getting out of trouble, but as he damages enemies the special gauge will continue to recharge, lengthening the amount of time he can remain in this state.

Comments: I have to admit that when I first saw the silhouette of the scientist, I had visions of playing as something along the lines of Dr Cortex with a ray gun, rather than a fire-breather, but nonetheless Degu has his charms. Unlike the other ranged attackers, who could at least get by in close quarters situations, Degu will only shine if you use the strategy outlined in Dorii’s section and let the enemy funnel towards you; since his angle of attack is more restricted than the other ranged attackers, however, you may find yourself outflanked, in which case you’ll need to retreat and start spitting out more fire from a distance.

Given his low HP and high speed, it may be tempting to abandon these tactics and save time by running away as much as possible, but with a little practice, Degu can become an extremely effective attacker who can smash through crowds even without his special, and annihilate bosses with ease.

Generic Archer

Weapon: Bow and arrow (I would say ‘unsurprisingly’ but let’s not forget the sword using archers of Fate/Stay Night).

How to unlock: Complete game with Yuzuha after Degukapa has been unlocked.

Special Attack (4): Archer summons another generic archer in the space in front of him, who automatically follows you and attacks the enemy. Multiple archers can be summoned (they don’t seem to take damage, nor do they disappear when the one you control loses a life). I haven’t experimented to see if there’s a limit to amount of archers that can be summoned, although I suspect four may be the maximum.

Comments: Even with his special attack, Archer is a pointless addition to the cast- his attacks are slower and weaker than Dorii and Guraa, and he’ll have trouble even against weakling monkeys. A waste of space when other named characters were not included.

Leaf Mascot

Weapon: Balls of paper.

How to unlock: Complete game with Degukapa after Generic Archer has been unlocked.

Special Attack (7): A ‘Speed Up’ message appears onscreen, and attack speed appears to be increased. See comments section for additional information.

Comments: If Generic Archer was pointless, then this character must be the most useless waste of space to ever be included in a game. Its paper attack is incredibly weak and will only fire upwards no matter which direction you are facing, so even the first part of stage one will be troublesome for it. Avoid at all costs.

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45 Responses to UtaWarriors: Utawarerumono mini-game

  1. nonex says:

    thanks for the guide, i’ve trying to unlock dii with all the wrong people

    a couple of things to add, you upgrade the leaf mascot by using special at different levels
    (not sure about order or name)
    speed up
    bombs (roll out 2 bombs when you jump)
    back shot (cuts your attack speed in half by alternating shooting forward and back)
    laser (upgrades your paper ball into a slow laser that hits everything infront of you, can change laser position after firing by moving from side to side)
    penguin sidekick/shadow clone (don’t know limit of these but i had 4 before, 5 lasers when i hit attack, 10 bombs roll across the screen when i jump)
    clear all upgrades

    generic archer can summon more than 4 other generic archers, the summons go away when you change level
    running around with your little army of archers can be fun

    hakuoro’s special can recharge like degukapa’s or aleast level 2&3 of it can

    use jump attack on monster dii to knock him out of his charge attack

    you can change the direction of mutsumi’s special in the middle of it

  2. Karura says:

    Thanks for all the info, for such a short game there’s so much more to uncover than you’d expect.

    Seems like I dismissed Leaf Mascot too soon but it was getting overwhelmed on Zone A so I gave it up as a bad job. My ‘obsession phase’ with the game has passed now, but next time I load it up I may give him and Generic Archer another chance.

  3. Mahou Shoujo Kamyu says:

    Thank you for the guide Karura! I found it invaluable in enjoying the game and figuring out how to unlock some of the more exclusive characters ^_^

    I’d like to mention a few little things that I found in my travels:

    -Mitsumi can actually “phase out” and become invinsible to most any attack if you hold down the attack button when jumping. The downside of course is that she can’t move or attack in this mode, but it’s great for dodging that screen sized explosion the final bosses like to use every ten seconds and she can come out of it with her aerial attack, although she automatically exits out of it after about five or seven seconds on her own.

    – Oboro actually has a second Special Attack if you activate his special while he is jumping. It is an immediate blast to the ground and up again with high single hit damage to the surrounding area, although it’s much shorter than his normal ground special.

    – Aruru has an alternate special attack if her special is used when her pet Gatchatara is out harassing an enemy when she activates it (instead of when it is on her shoulder). Instead of the usual furry tornado of death, Mukuru rips loose with a roar that stuns and damages surrounding enemies.

    -Karura has a secondary normal jumping attack that is activated if the attack button is hit when she is close to returning back to the ground as opposed to at the height of the jump. The result is a sharp twack to the ground that stuns surrounding enemies and does minor damage — great for clearing crowds when things get dicey.

    -Probably common knowledge, but it really helps with mage characters. Kamyuu and Urutorii can start casting spells in mid air and still bounce away with a jump, so you can buy a significant amount of time by having them jump away and start casting at the start of the jump immediately. Also the bounce that comes automatically from Kamyu’s fire spell and Urutorii’s tornado spell are also very handy for buying invulnerability time while casting. I personally find mage characters extremely powerful when using such tactics.

  4. Mutt says:

    Excellent guide, it’s straigh-forward and made this game a lot more fun (as in I am now able to access more characters!). Just one question. A couple of the characters are said to be made available once you complete stage I with any other character. I’ve completed it several times, but those characters are not appearing. For Yuzuha, I even used Oboro to beat the level, in case she only appears when her dearest brother wins the game, but no luck. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something? Does the difficulty level need to be increased to something above medium/average (whatever the default is)?

  5. Karura says:

    Thanks for the extra notes, Mahou Shoujo Kamyu, I think I’ve inadvertantly triggered a couple of the attacks you mention but not actually realised what I’d done 🙂

    Mutt, sounds like you’ve got the basic version of the game and need to get the “Power Up Kit” from http://leaf.aquaplus.co.jp/product/aru/ (that’s what I was talking about in the “I need more” section at the end). Once you’ve installed that you’ll get Hien and Hau by default, Yuzuha and Degukapa for completing stages I and J, and Generic Archer and Leaf Mascot for finishing the game with Yuzuha and Degu (has to be in that order).

  6. Usa-chan says:

    Waii~ Arigatou!! This helped out bunches!

    Oh, by the way…to have Eruruu heal you while being Yuzuha you use attack+jump (like with the special attacks) when the special attack bar isn’t full.

    Thanks again!!!

  7. Mutt says:

    Ah, you know what made it finally work? Beating J instead of I. I had the patch already, so I figured beating the hardest level might do something, and so it did.

    Just as a tip to others, when trying to unlock characters like Nuwangi with Eruruu, you don’t have to beat the game to get the new character. Just beat that one specific target, and then you can quit. Just a suggestion so as to avoid extra tedium when using pure crap characters!

  8. Mahou Bishoujo Kamyu says:

    Everyone’s tips have been so helpful ^_^ Usa-chan’s tip about how to get Yuzuha to summon Eruru on demand has been particularly useful to me as she’s one of my favorite characters and I can now tank with her with wreckless abandon, ahahah (Spin the sick blind girl around three times and send her out into a warzone to obliterate everything in her way). A couple more things I’ve come across in my travels in Utawarriors Land.

    – Side B and Bomb Mode:

    Has anyone every noticed the Side B difficulties in the options? I’m not sure if this was introduced with the Power Up Kit as I’ve not played the game without it and it’s always been available for me as far as I can remember.

    Side B makes it so that you have to complete every Zone from A to J, which means you have to beat the game a minimum of four times to complete every path. However, things start to get strange after the first time you clear a path and the game restarts in Bomb Mode as I call it.

    In Bomb Mode, enemies that are defeated leave behind bombs that bounce towards your general direction. This seems pretty manageable at first, but after the 3rd time beating the game, the bombs seem to become much more aggressive and literally start to stalk your character before blasting them to kingdom come. About three or four blasts (multiple blasts can hit simultaneously) can kill just about any character, so slow characters with limited jumping skills are seriously screwed (especially after clearing a crowd)… however Mutsume, Dii, Kamyuu and Urutorii gain an enourmas advantage with their bouncy jumps and mobility (Must be the wings). Enemies might also become harder to kill, although this might just be my imagination. Playing through the entire Side B Very Hard is quite the marathon of a challenge even for an experienced player and the best characters.

    – Critical Bonus

    If your character happens to die exactly at the time the stage clear score screen pops up, they get a Critical health bonus that counts for +50000 points.

    – Degukapa’s True Indentity

    I found this bit a little interesting although I can’t read Japanese fluently to know the details. Apparently, Sakuya seems to be behind Degukapa as revealed in her ending. From what I understand, Sakuya is Kuuya’s attendant and Genjimaru’s granddaughter, but as to what she has to do with a fire breathing dog statue is a bit beyond me. It seems that Sakuya is the girl to the right on the CG Congratulations page where as Kuuya would be to the left — complete with attire they probably wouldn’t be caught dead in otherwise.

  9. Karura says:

    Side B must have been part of the powerup kit, I’m sur I couldn’t access it before I installed that…just given it and Bomb Mode a try and it got pretty crazy by my third time through the game (I agree that the enemies seemed tougher than before as well). Dii’s normal and jump attacks are great for evading the bombs but letting off his special and being forced to stand still is pretty much asking to lose a life. Got bored before I’d finished all the stages but I’ll attack it more thoroughly later.

    Edit: finally completed the Side-B game so I thought I’d add a couple of things I noticed-

    Each time you go back to Stage A, you have zero lives remaining, but the game credits you with lives for the first few hits you make on an enemy (I’m now guessing this is due to the game adding lives for the +100,000 points you earned at the end of the last stage you played).

    When the player dies, they drop a bomb too, which seemed to damage the enemy slightly (unlike the enemy bombs, which only damage you). Unmanned lizard also drop bombs (in fact, any time a sprite is removed from the screen a bomb appears).

    For the game in general, I realise now that you get 700s for the first part of stage J, not 400; I’m feeling too lazy to edit this directly into the FAQ right now.

    I finished B-side/Bomb Mode with Genji, but found he was too slow to evade the bombs. Touka might be a good choice for her speed, and Kan for his sweeping attacks.

  10. Mahou Shoujo Kamyu says:

    Thanks for the info Karura on Side B ^_^ I was wondering if bombs that are created when your own character dies damage surrounding enemies.

    A few other character related things I found out:

    -Similar to when Yuzuha summons her, Eruru can heal herself by pressing jump and attack at the same time. Unfortunately, Eruru can be hit out of the start up animation, so it’s use is limited to when she has time to catch her breath and isn’t being chased around by an angry mob (Good luck with that if that’s the case, since she doesn’t have the mobility like Kamyuu or Urutorii). The healing is actually more of a “field” that a character can stand in to be restored over about a second or two, so it probably is quite useful in two-player mode and can on occasions be used to help survive the business end of enemy’s specials if you can’t get her to run away fast enough.

    – Derihourai has a secondary Special Attack that can be activated anytime he’s in berserker mode and uses up the rest of the special meter that remains. The attack is fiery blast comparably similar to the start up of Karura’s special. It can even be used at the last slip of the Special Meter bar, so it’s not a bad way to end a killing spree.

    – Kanhorudari can execute his special in mid-air. It’s still the same old ground blasting special, but it cuts out the initial start up time by a bit, so it’s more percise for targeting.

    -Characters who use mechs like Kuuya have the ability to damage enemies simply by jumping on them without even attacking… pretty pointless, but not a bad surprise when jumping into a crowd.

  11. Gold_magistrate says:

    On addition to Bomb mode. If you turn VS. Mode on, it’ll have character specials and other add-ons affect all characters. Namely, the second character. But with the addition to the bombs, the bombs will infact hurt the enemy. I was using Genjimaru and running right to the end and slaughtering them by the loads and jumping and evading the bombs that came out hereafter. The bombs did most of the work for me. It was quite amusing to watch.

  12. Oboro says:

    sorry, but i can’t do the special attacks, how can i do?? I press enter and shift at the same time but nothing, and the bar is at least 1 or complete :S:S

    -o- please respond me ^^ thnk

    PS: sorry my english, i’m spanish XD

  13. Karura says:

    Oboro, I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you- have you tried Ctrl+Shift or Alt Gr+Shift instead to see if that makes any difference? (I assume Shift on its own works okay for jump).

    This is just a wild guess, but it may be that there’s another program on your computer that uses the same key combination as a shortcut/hotkey, and that’s why it won’t work in the game. If you haven’t done this already, it might be worth playing the game without any other programs running to see if that helps. Good luck with getting it to work :).

  14. Oboro says:

    ei thanks but nothing -o- other programs not running when i play -o- and i’ve prove whith the second player (z+x) and nothing. Only can i use the special attacks when i play whith ps2 joystick, and now i play with this ^^!!

    thnks ^^ (sorry for my english T__T i’m very bad XDD)

  15. EvolutionXI says:

    wow, this has helped alot for unlocking certain characters. also, the critical bonus that was mentioned earlier, you don’t actually have to die. i was really lucky once and my hp was reduced so low that the bar pretty much looked empty, beat the boss like that and got the crit bonus

  16. Shiro says:

    hello!! i’m download rpg-game of utawarerumono. Please, where i can found a guide?? thnk

  17. Nikku says:

    O.O Hokay… I seriously need to play this game… This looks amazing…

    I tried the torrent, but the upload/download rate is being -very- slow… Is there any way I can get a direct link, or any method of a more reliable download? …e-mail, possibly?

    To those that help, thank you so -very- much.

  18. Karura says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have a link to a direct download (if I had, it would already be in the post) and the file is a bit too large for me to upload on my pathetic excuse for an internet connection. It may be worth sticking with the torrent in case it picks up later, unless someone else comes along who can help you.

  19. Nikku says:

    Okay, well, I actually found a direct link through a file-sharing website…

    Yet, I still have problems… Everything’s in an “.a” file, and the “sound.a” file was apparently corrupt.

    ;.; If someone could just put that file on a file-sharing site, it would be awesome.

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  21. Selkirk says:

    Just FYI, but the flip is most likely for installing in arcade cabinets.

  22. Chris says:

    Dorii and Guraa are girls, not guys.

    Jus so’s ya know.

  23. Karura says:

    Actually, they are male- at the beginning of the main game Hakuoro assumes they are girls, but later finds out from Oboro and the twins themselves that they are male (they even offer to show him proof). You can read the game summary yourself here. Since UtaWarriors is based directly on the original game, then they are male here too.

  24. chrno says:

    Wrong. In the original game, there was a scene where D&G were revealed to be guys. The anime just skipped over that scene for whatever reason. Maybe it will be included in the epilouge of the ending.

  25. Chris says:

    Well yeah but this is 2006. NOW they’re girls. Like a medi-evil Europe/Warring Japan/Angry pixie fairy bunnyland kind of sex change…O.o

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  27. noobie says:

    awsome game i played it for days now
    and i finally found out how the do multiplayer!
    the controls to 2nd player are:
    up: T
    left: F
    right: H
    down: G or B
    attack/start: x
    hope it helps =)

  28. Karura says:

    Thanks, noobie, I had actually worked out the two player controls and forgotten to edit them into the main post, so it’s good to have someone else put them down.

  29. Ouabain says:

    I also have to speak in defense of Leaf Mascot. (She?) is the kind of character that rewards people who are longsuffering.

    The key is that you must build up LM, and YOU CANNOT DIE. Dying removes all of your special upgrades. Also, UPGRADES CARRY OVER INTO THE NEXT LEVEL, unlike the clone archers. Here is my suggestion:

    1. Get two Speed upgrades first.
    2. Get the Bomb upgrade after that (Reach level 2 special). BTW, Bombs are the only non-diagonal attacks in the game. Attack by jumping.
    3. Wait till level 4 so you can get Laser. (Level 3 gives you a back attack which is not as useful as it sounds).
    4. Get the level 5 special, Multiple. These penguins mimick your attacks, giving you extra lasers and bombs. You can have four of these maximum.
    5. Do NOT get the level 6 special. It gets rid of all your bombs, penguins and lasers.
    6. Keep upgrading Speed until you no longer can; you can tell because all that happens is that a flash of lightning happens. At max speed, you’ll move so fast that you can go from end to end of the level extremely quickly.
    7. When you MAX out at 7, you will have a penguin shield that protects you but deteriorates with abuse. Save this for bosses.

    By the time I reached zone I, Leaf Mascot was able to clear the main level in a matter of seconds.

  30. noobie says:

    Dude thats cool
    but i think generic archers and erueruu are the best (yes eruruu not typo)
    she has the power of healing but if you look closely it also fills the special bar
    SPECIAL BAR + GENERIC ARCHER = total ownage

    tho i might take some time to fill up the screen, so far i olny got around 70 clones
    am still hoping to fill the screen

  31. Kuroga says:

    just started playing this game 2 days ago and i have to say its quite fun… also thx for the guide, needed to find out how to get the other chars ^__^ and also i was able to get the power up kit (thx for that too ^__^)…

    BTW to get the generic archer i must finish the game whit Yuzuha but i already did that and didnt get it = /

    And for those that want a direct download for this game you can go here…


    Tho its a spanish forum just look on the first post where it says “extras” and click on the
    “primera parte” and “segunda parte” after that just paste the two files you downloaded whit “Hacha”

    PS: Sorry for my bad english -__-

  32. Karura says:

    Kuroga, have you unlocked Degukapa yet? If not, try getting him and then completing the game again with Yuzuha. If that works, I’ll edit the main guide to clarify that point.

    noobie, Ouabain, thanks for your strategy suggestion, might give those a go myself sometime.

  33. noobie says:

    hey no problem
    but with eruruu’s heal that have to be moving
    even if it’s a little you get more bars
    so if generic archer taps left and right really fast when eruruus healing you get more bars
    This works with any and eruruu
    and making eruruu the ultimate suport charater
    and way more worth using

  34. Kuroga says:

    ok just tried what you told me Karura and it works… first i needed to get degukapa bfore geting generic archer ^__^ thx 4 the help

  35. Druke says:

    Thnx Alot for the guide vere nice Game =D just start download !!!

  36. O___O says:

    Thanks alot ! ~~

  37. maniac says:

    I found a little secret in stage I by accident (shows how much I’ve been playing -_-):

    Using Mutsumi, progress through the stage and just after u clear the bit where the screen says “many enemies approaching” and around where that row of fire-breathing statues is, go to the right side of the wall. Keep using Mutsumi’s full attack (where she charges forward) along the wall, facing right. If u stand in the right place, u’ll eventually go through the wall and find yourself in a secret passage where u can’t see your character. Follow the path back towards the entrance, attacking along the way, until u hear yourself attacking a box. Break this box, and you should see one of those dinosaurs that give out food when u hit it ^_^ After that, eventually u’ll come back out again

    I suspect that there’s a similar secret passage in either stage B or C along the left side of the wall in the later half of the stage, but haven’t found anything yet. Also, I haven’t tried this with any other characters so I don’t know whether there is anyone else that can do this apart from Mutsumi.

  38. Karura says:

    Thanks for that, maniac, I was hoping there was some kind of secret passage (don’t ask me why, I just wanted one).

  39. maniac says:

    nps Karura ^^

    Also another thing that i’ve discovered about Oboro (my favourite character in the game – requires most skill to play):

    If u’ve charged up your special bar to 2/3 or more, you can initiate the special on the ground – many hits plus one small jump and one large jump. When Oboro is going through the large jump, press special again along with the direction that u want to go and he will do a super leap in the air that flies through about one screen before he lands and continues on with his mid-air special. Although maybe not of great use, makes him just this much more fun to play 😛

    Also, I believe that it is possible using him to keep attacking one target without the target having any chance to retaliate, although this doesn’t work on bosses – they have an immune phase where they summon creatures. The best creatures to try this on is those huge robots with tons of hp at the end.
    Oboro’s full attacks are as follows (if you spam attack nonstop):

    Three hits, followed by a small jump, followed by a small hit before a final leap into the air.

    The key is to do the almost-full attack WITHOUT leaping into the air, but getting that small hit in before he leaps into the air. If u attack straight after this, u can start another chain of attacks without the monster having a chance to retaliate. This is extremely hard to maintain and requires a lot of practice, but it is a great way to maintain a flawless chain of attacks without generating an open gap between your attacks.

    As I said before, I play this game too much -_-

  40. Shinsei says:

    Hi i first played this game a year ago and now dug it out to play again.

    Mutsumi being my favourite char in the game made me find out some things that was not mentioned.

    1. Her dark sphere atk can cause you to be brought directly into the chaos and thus get hit. To avoid this you can jump out of the atk but her clones will continue the atk without you. Effectively this is a safer form of the atk less one strike from you. You may follow up the atk from the jump when it gets closer to the ground so it’ll hit the ground enemies with your after image.

    2.The dark ball can be summoned alone without the resumption of the atk. Simply tap once more after the initial strike and change directions quickly the dark ball will hit leaving the enemy open for any subsequent atks. This is particularly useful for 2p mode where the other player can cast a special in the midst of the atk. Extremely useful for irritating bosses like niwe.

    Hope that helps ^^

  41. Stewie says:

    Side-B Very Hard Leaf Mascot or Eruruu. Though, once Leaf Mascot is buffed all the way, it shouldn’t be AS hard, probabky not hard at all anyways, but I haven’t tried it. I just tested out Leaf Mascot and I must say, he’s pure pwnage when you have the right buffs on him, heh.

  42. Naoto says:

    Im sorry about this but can someone plz tell me where
    I can download this game?? Ive been searching for a long time and I still can’t get it o.o
    Much appreciation

  43. DannePanne says:

    is there anyway to unlock all char without clearing the game ? i have cleared it but my new chars never saves

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