.hack//Roots 11: The music industry:r2 crumbles


A powerful force at the heart of the music industry, Phyllo dispenses advice to those wise enough to seek him out (i.e. anyone crossing a bridge in The World:r2’s root town).


Gourd consults Phyllo about his future in the industry.


Things haven’t been going well for poor Gourd ever since his “100 Greatest Gourd Themes” failed to break into the top 10,000. After a visit to the Great Floating Gourd, Gourd feels quite humbled, and begins to wonder whether he should gamble it all on one last album, “Sounds of the Gourd” or just give up altogether.


The giant gourd in the sky tests the resolve of all would-be gourd players


TaN is in disarray; Fat Guy has already has his account suspended (what will become of the ‘plot’ now?) and Ender and Naobi seem fated to be next. Without their leads, the backing singers will surely crumble.

Twilight Brigade

Ovan and his recording equipment are gone, and in their absence, the band is falling apart just days after their first live.

Shino- What happened to capable guitarist Shino? Without Ovan and his recording equipment, all she can do is angst by that bizarre plant of hers (is it a grunty food:r2?).


Shino worries that taking over leadership of the band would leave her less time for guitar practice.

Haseo- Perhaps it was the success of his first live performance but Haseo has suddenly changed from clueless newbie to ‘prince of angst’, all in preparation for his game personality, ‘king of angst’.

Sakisaka- Times have been hard for Sakisaka; he signed on to become the group’s drummer but after Ovan smashed his beloved drumkit he was forced to switch to bass. Unfortunately, his simmering resentment at Ovan begins to boil over in this episode, and with not even a tambourine in sight there may be little respite for his frustrations.


Sakisaka practises a particularly daring piece to great critical acclaim

Tabby- In the aftermath of last episode’s live, Tabby is filled with renewed vigour and confidence, but she soon finds herself the target of B-set. The bitter ex-band member tries to convince Tabby that she should replace Haseo as lead singer, or better yet quit and start a new band with B-set herself.


B-set gets Tabby’s attention in the subtlest of ways

Epilogue: The World:r2, a busy and exciting place?


A typical day in the bustling environment of The World:r2

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