Tuesday Rumble: October 31st

A minor dilemma lies before me; I want to read the Good Witch of the West manga, but at the same time I am scared to invest in something that could turn out to be as bad as the anime (let’s just say ‘acquiring’ it doesn’t seem to be an option; even Tokyopop’s website doesn’t have a preview chapter). Therefore I am asking for opinions- is there anyone out there who knows if the manga is any good?

The Future of the Mai- Franchise Part Three: Mai-Shiitake
Remember that ‘special’ mushroom that Irina served up to Chie in episode nine of Mai-Otome? Not only was that the first indication that Sunrise were snacking on such mushrooms themselves, it was also a subtle hint as to where the series was planning to go next. Cooked up by Sunrise’s finest minds after an especially strong dose of mushrooms and sweet potato dango, Mai-Shiitake is an acid trip extraordinaire, a series that makes Cat Soup look normal.

The star of the show is Shiho-Otome and her Maki Maki turner; together with her underlings Yayoi and Lillie, she wanders the world searching for spirals and enacting revenge on those who have wronged her. Each episode contains a series of bizarre and unconnected scenes created from stock footage taken from a range of Sunrise series. Over the course of the series, Shinn, Arika, Athrun, Mai and finally Kira Yamato arrive to take over the role of main character and force everyone else into the background.

Shadow Warrior Chronicles
ADV: We’ve licensed Utawarerumono, only we’re going to rename it Shadow Warrior Chronicles.

Fans: OH NOES! That name is completely crappy and irrelevant! It sounds like a NES adventure game!

ADV: Okay, after listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to stick with Utawarerumono.

Fans: OH NOES! I can’t pronounce that! Stupid ADV, why do you just roll over when we fans complain?

Now that the name Shadow Warrior Chronicles is no longer going to be used for Uta, it seems only right to give the title the franchise it deserves. Coming to soon to game stores near you, Shadow Warrior Chronicles is an RPG like all the others, a tale of a young boy with a sword who learns he is a Destined Shadow Warrior. After embarking on a journey to slay the evil Dark Lord, our hero meets up with other Shadow Warriors, all of whom are bound to join his quest for reasons of their own. Will the hero and his newfound allies be able to save the world by defeating the Dark Lord and his generic minions?

Busou Renkin 3 parody

Kazuki asks if his sister if she will help him indulge his new fetish.

A deadline is set for Kazuki’s mastery of HARD GAY.

A harsh regime is needed to stay in peak HARD GAY condition.

To disguise the fact that the boys all live together in a HARD GAY dorm, they pretend to be interested in girls.

In the newest MMORPGs, a Level One Pervert can become a Level Two Sexual Deviant.

Kazuki admits that he and Tokiko conceived a child together- but Kazuki was the one who got pregnant.

Weekly Awards

Fox Mask of the week: Yume Tsukai, Higurashi and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto have all featured fox masks at some point, but none can live up to the long-running title holder in this category- Texhnolyze.

Suggestive title of the week: After writing so much about HARD GAY, you begin to see it everywhere; now even previous innocent titles like Hunter X Hunter and Gun X Sword take on a newer and more suggestive meaning, particularly the latter (yes, I know the X isn’t pronounced, but it’s still there).

Magatama of the week: Although Ikki Tousen heavily featured Magatama, such a poor series cannot scoop the prize, which goes to Otogi Zoshi.

Crossover of the week: One Piece and Mushishi may sound like an unlikely combination, but as the screencaps below prove, nothing is impossible.

A ‘bug’ (or mushi, as the experts prefer to call it) is located.

Under the alias Sanji, Ginko decides to be modest about his expertise.

In Your Reflection
This week’s comparison is not between characters, but an oddly common sort of enemy- the tree monster. First glimpsed in the default RPG Maker XP battle graphics set, the monster soon moved onto anime.


I’m using this monster in my other RPG, Fantasy Legend Adventure.

tree-monster-tmm.jpgThe tree monster was one of many monsters-of-the-week in the Tokyo Mew Mew anime.

tree-monster-nanoha.jpgNanoha also had to face a tree monster, increasing my resolve to create Nanoha: the RPG.

tree-monster-akazukin.jpg The Akazukin OVA OP reveals yet another monstrous tree.

OST spotlight: Texhnolyze- Music, Only Music, But Music
Although I only bought this CD for the full OP and initially didn’t care much for the rest, repeated listening has given me a renewed appreciation for it. From simple guitar themes and lengthy industrial pieces to sedate piano music, the OST offers a variety of themes, all of which become oddly catchy the more you listen to them. A bit of an acquired taste, but it is worth sticking with.

Amusing Search Terms

i want to watch yorihisa akane harukanar: trust me, you don’t.

you toube: holding firm to its place on the charts.

your toube: you toube’s little brother.

you toube gay: the newest addition to the you toube family.

“WHATEVER YOU SAY,SIR”+gay: ‘hmm’ is all I can say to this.

the flame of reika: making a surprise return appearance.

does alias season 5 exist: I’d like to say it was all a horrible dream, but unfortunately it does exist, and should be out on DVD in the near future if it isn’t already.

t: will every week see a search for t?

akane is mine!!!: Tenma stalks the internet, keeping tabs on his Akane.

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  1. bateszi says:

    Glad to see you’ve spotlighted the Texhnolyze OST – it’s a seriously underrated slice of “dystopian ambiance”. Keishi Urata’s melancholy vocal contributions to “when reason fails” and especially “Walking through the empty age” are amongst my favorites from the soundtrack 🙂

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