Kanon Harem Diaries Part 16


I think I have exhausted all the possibilities that Mai and Sayuri have to offer me; our late night encounters were fun, but really, how long can a man go without sleep? I must now turn my attention to a quieter and more easy to please woman; perhaps Shiori, since she may be dying soon, I must get all the use I can out of her before she passes away.

The key to making girls want you is to make it look as if you are doing them a favour by spending time with them.


How dare Ayu spend time with my Yuuichi?

Why is it that all my plans end in failure? In an attempt to get some time alone with Yuuichi, I slipped a light poison into mother’s food- my hope was that she would have to go to the hospital, and that Ayu would accompany her. Although this part of the plan went off without a hitch (and still no one suspects me!), Yuuichi himself disappeared to be with another girl! Why is that no matter how many rivals I eliminate, he always finds another girl to spend time with? Well, never mind; he will be mine even if I have to kill or incapacitate every other woman in town.

Today was a very stressful one for me; having contracted an unknown sickness, I was forced to go to the hospital, leaving me concerned that Yuuichi might take advantage of my Nayuki. In desperation, I placed a phone call to Shiori, asking her to occupy Yuuichi whilst I was away- hopefully this will be enough to keep Nayuki safe.

…Okay, so I do have a sister, but ever since she started getting more screen than me, a rift has grown up between us. Nayuki has been such a good friend to me in this time, listening to my story and telling me how right I am to feel aggrieved; if not for her, I would have surely caved in and forgiven Shiori by now. Nonetheless, I must now confide in Yuuichi, for he is the main character, and may be able to move the plot forward in such a way that I can have more screen time.


I don’t go outside much.

Today I was in the hospital to get more sickness-inducing drugs when I happened to run into Yuuichi and Ayu. Fearing that Ayu could pose a real threat to my ending up with Yuuichi, I decided to play my trump card and explain how close I am to death (no one need know that it is all a sham). Now Yuuichi will feel bad and want to spend as much time as possible with me.


I love preparing delicious food for Yuuichi!

It’s great having someone like Yuuichi to look after me- he always tells me what to do, so I need never have to worry about thinking for myself. Cooking, cleaning, attending to his needs- I will do it all!

Although I was unable to kill myself, I have now been hospitalised until the spring; a worthwhile secondary measure for escaping from Yuuichi. Better yet, Sayuri is in the next bed- perhaps now I can confess my feelings to her and we can begin a life of HARD YURI together.

I’ve come to realise that Mai is all I need now; I just hope that Yuuichi will leave us alone so that we can get on with our lives without the plot troubling us further.

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 16

  1. dsong says:

    Beautiful entry! I loved Akiko’s craftiness (so that’s where Nayuki gets it from), and Kaori’s explanation for confiding in Yuuichi instead of Nayuki.

    It would be easier to make fun of your entries if they didn’t make so much sense.

  2. Karura says:

    Thanks, I was worried this entry wouldn’t turn out so well because of my ever decreasing enjoyment of the actual episodes, but I guess it had some worth after all.
    Nayuki and Akiko are the most fun to write for since they have so many schemes going on behind the scenes. By this point, almost everything else is indeed an attempt to explain those troublesome plot points like the one you mentioned about Kaori. If the writers won’t do it, someone has to 😉

  3. Machi says:

    I knew it! Naiyuki is the one creating the great rift behind the sisters causing Shiori to stay outside in the cold that CRUEL woman!

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