Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part II

Inside the city, Evan and Anna decide to split up; Evan will investigate the numerous dicing establishments around town, whilst Anna takes to the streets to observe the tournament. What they do not realise is that Roku is already tailing them, and as soon as they split up, he goes after Anna and challenges her to a dice duel.

Realising that he must be a Dicebreaker, Anna agrees to the match, announcing that she will take him into custody once she wins the game (it would be unthinkable to do so beforehand). Laughing, Roku agrees, and the game begins.

As the first few moves are played, Anna announces that Roku will have to work hard if he wants to beat her- she is an international title holder who hones her skills daily at Dice HQ. Roku merely laughs at this information and tells her that she is nothing more than a little girl who will never match up to his level.

As the match begins, Anna plays some apparently strong moves; smiling knowingly, she asks if Roku would like to revise his assessment of her abilities. Roku admits that she is stronger than he thought, but concludes that while he would like to play her, he does not have time. So saying, Roku starts playing seriously, and in a scant few turns, Anna is defeated.

Despite having lost the match, Anna remains resolute in her determination to take Roku into custody. Naturally, Roku is not about to comply, and after apologising to Anna for what he must, he throws back his cloak and unbandages his arm to reveal a mystical tattoo.

Through the magic of flashback, we are now taken back to the past, to a time when Mars and Roku were young. After several episodes of their childhood antics, we finally see the time when Mars graduated from university and inherited the Dice Breaker power of the Cubehart family. The power was a terrible and painful burden for Mars, and so Roku begged to be allowed to share a part of it. Despite being initially reluctant to do so, Mars eventually agreed, and placed a portion of the Dice Breaker power into a tattoo on Roku’s arm. When Mars’ father, Mercury Cubehart, found out about this, he tried to punish his son- only for Mars to use his powers to Dice Break Mercury.

Back in the present, Roku’s tattoo begins glowing as he summons Dark Dice Powers. Before Anna can do anything about it, he manages to Dice Break her, and she crumples to the ground.

Pulling his cloak and hood tightly around him, Roku picks up Anna and carries her to Evan (since he somehow knows exactly where to find the Dice Agent). Lowering Anna to the ground, Roku tells Evan that he should take this as a warning- if the Dice Agents continue to interfere with the Dicebreakers, more of their agents will be Dice Broken. Shaking his fist, Evan tells Roku that his underhanded tactics will never deter a servant of justice, and even challenges him to a dice duel. Even as he speaks, however, Roku vanishes into the shadows.

Elsewhere, the tournament is proceeding as planned. After a brief glimpse at Three trouncing an opponent, we return to Chip and Flick. The pair are wandering around in search of a new opponent for Chip when they happen to notice a dog wandering around in the street. Flick tenses up at the sight of the dog, but Chip immediately goes over to say hello. As he begins making a fuss of the dog, Flick tells him that it is stupid to approach an unfamiliar animal, but Chip tells her not to worry- the dog is clearly friendly.

As if called by something, however, the dog soon pulls away from Chip and begins running down the street. Despite Flick’s warnings, Chip goes after the dog, calling to him. Before he realises it, the dog has led him to its owner- Dicebreaker San.

Laughing at how easily Chip was led to him, San challenges him to a dice duel. As per the tournament rules, Chip has no choice but to accept, and the match begins. Stroking his dog, San tells Chip that he has too strong an affinity with his deck to ever be beaten. Chip replies that San isn’t the only one to have a connection with his deck; he is currently using the very dice his father left to him.

As San summons his first few monsters –all canines- to the field, he laughs at Chip’s words. All that Chip has is a hand-me-down deck that was built by someone else; he can’t have any true affinity with it. On the other hand, San’s deck is a reflection of his life, a life he is only too happy to reveal via flashback.

As a boy, San was always lonely; with his parents either working or arguing, they had little time for him. In an effort to make up for this, they would often buy him presents, but none of them interested San- until the day he received a puppy. The puppy soon became his best friends, and in short order San discovered he had an undying love for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Unlike humans, dogs would always be loyal to him; they would never leave him alone or hurt his feelings. Even now, in the game of Dicemasters, his beloved deck of canines is always ready to support him.

Back in the present, and it seems as if San’s resolve does indeed count for something; with his trusty canines protecting his dice points, Chip cannot get near them- in fact, due to San’s style of play, he cannot even seem to permanently disable any of his monsters. Laughing at Chip’s trouble, San tells him that this is a necessary evil; if he wants to make the dog sanctuary that Mars has promised to help him build, he must crush any who would oppose him.

In response, Chip tells San that whilst it is fine to have a dream, it isn’t fair to crush other people in order to achieve it; in an ideal world, everyone would be able to achieve their dream without hurting anyone else. In fact, in order to demonstrate this, Chip will completely and utterly defeat San at Dicemasters. So saying, Chip manages to draw the very die he needs to turn the match around, and swiftly snatches victory away from San.

Sinking to the ground, San wonders if this means his dream is over now. Chip tells him never to give up; as long as he can find a way to achieve his goals without hurting anyone, everything will turn out all right. With just these few lines of dialogue, Chip is able to alter San’s lifelong beliefs, leaving him a happier man.

With the duel over, Chip decides that he is hungry; leaving Flick outside, he heads into one of Dice City’s many fast food joints to order something to eat. As soon as he disappears inside, Shi and Go appear from the shadows to talk to Flick. They tell her that Master Cubehart (who is still instantaneously keeping up with events via magic CCTV) is displeased with her actions, and that they have now had to come out in order to dice duel Chip. Flick promises that she will not interfere with her efforts, and is surprised when they readily agree- not because they trust her, but because they have plans of their own.

Emerging from the restaurant with an armful of burgers, fries and milkshakes, Chip goes to offer some to Flick- only to find that she isn’t there. As he looks around and calls for her, a thrown die hits his head. As he picks up the die from where it landed on the ground, it activates a holographic projection of Shi. Shi tells Chip that Flick is now in their custody, and if he wants her back he will have to come to the docks and dice duel Shi and her brother. There’s just one condition- he must bring a friend, since Shi and Go will only duel as a tag team.

At the first mention of friendship, Chip thinks of Pip, only to remember that Pip wanted to make it on his own. Nonetheless, Chip knows that Pip would not be pleased to be left out of this, and runs off to find him. Unfortunately, Chip has no idea where Pip might be, and just ends up running around randomly, until finally he reaches the square where Ace is playing.

Ace has just defeated another weak opponent, but as Chip approaches, he tells him not to issue a challenge- it wouldn’t be right for them to meet before the finals. Chip tells him he is not there to play; he must find Pip and then rescue Flick. Upon hearing Chip’s story, Ace tells him that Pip is nowhere near strong enough to play a Dicebreaker, and insists that he is allowed to play in the match instead.

Chip is surprised at Ace’s offer, and wonders aloud if perhaps he has a soft spot for Flick. Ace snaps that this is not the case; he is merely annoyed that the Dicebreakers have forced their agenda onto his tournament, and is determined to show them what it means to tangle with the die Master family.

Since it would be beneath him to walk to the docks, Ace summons a car to take him there. Although Ace doesn’t seem inclined to invite Chip along for the ride, Chip gets into the car anyway. On the way there, Ace tells Chip not to do anything stupid that would get him defeated- he won’t be happy unless he is the one to defeat Chip in the tournament finals.

Upon reaching the docks, Chip and Ace discover Shi and Go waiting for them as promised. Meanwhile, poor Flick has been suspended over the water; once the match begins, she will slowly be lowered into the sea- if they take longer than an hour, she will surely be drowned. On the other hand, if Chip and Ace lose, she will be dropped in immediately. Ace replies that he doesn’t particularly care, but Chip is adamant- they must win the match and save Flick.

As the match begins, Chip thinks back to the game against Five in season one, and how uncooperative Ace was then; he can only hope that this time things will be different. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Ace is a less than desirable partner for a tag team match, especially against opponents as skilled as Shi and Go. The siblings complement each other perfectly- where Shi is a master of attack, Go forms a tight defence. The lack of teamwork between Chip and Ace soon puts them at a severe disadvantage.

Having gained the upper hand over their opponents, Shi and Go decide that this is the optimum time to pause the game in favour of a flashback. They explain how their parents died when they were young, forcing them to rely on each other in a harsh world that either did not want them or tried to separate them. Eventually, Mars found them and showed them how to use the power of the dice to protect themselves, and the twins have not looked back since.

Impatiently interrupting the flashback, Ace plays his next move, but what would have worked in a one-on-one match backfires in this tag team format, and to his shame and embarrassment, Chip is forced to save him. Ace tells Chip to mind his own business, but Chip hotly replies that they are meant to be working together. He points out that if they are defeated here, Ace will not be able to face him in the finals as he wishes. Irritated, Ace agrees to stop being so stubborn, but tells Chip to follow his lead. Smiling, Chip agrees.

Now more determined than ever to defeat the ‘insects’ in front of him, Ace boasts that he will start by attacking the weak link in the chain- the shy and timid Go. Through the magical power of plot telepathy, Chip instantly understands what Ace is really planning, and resolves to back him up. Worried that Go is in danger, Shi arrays all her dice to protect him, leaving herself open and vulnerable. Having relied on Chip to guess his plan and have a counter in place for her traps, Ace launches an attack on Shi, skilfully taking out all of her dice points.

Sinking to her knees, Shi realises that she has failed her brother and begs for his forgiveness. After calling out to his sister, Go turns to Ace and Chip, a new resolve burning in his eyes. With the aid of some more flashbacks, he explains how the outgoing Shi was always looking out for him, but now he can return the favour by being the one to protect her. Playing a special healing dice that restores more of his dice points, he challenges his opponents to take their best shot.

With time running out for Flick, Chip realises that they cannot afford to let themselves get caught up with playing Go. On his next turn, he plays a strange looking dice combination- one which makes it seem as if he deliberately wants to lose. As Go taunts Chip for sabotaging his chances so that he can lose the match and rush off to rescue Flick, Chip secretly hopes that Ace will realise what he is doing.

Ace’s turn is up next, and he has indeed grasped what Chip wants. Announcing that he is only making an exception to his rule of going it alone so that Go can be vanquished and the two of them can gain enough Dice Points to qualify for the final, Ace plays a finishing move that complements Chip’s combination and robs Go of all his dice points.

Even with Go defeated, Shi is unwilling to release Flick, but Go tells her that they must keep to their word. He admits that this one dice game has affected his life more profoundly than anything he has experienced previously, and promises that he and Shi will find a way to live their lives and enjoy dicing without hurting others.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Deuce has finally woken up- or has he? Due to the traumatic experiences of his past, Deuce now has a split personality, and currently the evil Six side is in control. Slipping out of the hospital unnoticed, Six quickly finds out about the current dice tournament, and decides that he must enter in order to get revenge on Ace, the man who defeated him.

Since it is clearly unfeasible to register for the tournament at this point, Six decides to enter more forcefully. After finding a generic player and forcing him to hand over his dicing equipment, Six sets about challenging the remaining generic dice players and defeating them in order to take both their dice points and their best dice. Conveniently enough for both him and the plot, no one thinks to take note of his actions.

At Dicebreakers’ HQ, Mars studies the performance of his Dicebreakers over a pot of English breakfast tea and realises that this tournament features stronger players than he had imagined. Summoning Roku to his side, he instructs his subordinate that the two of them will take the place of two of the Dicebreakers entered into the tournament and play in the finals themselves. Roku’s duty is to hack into the computer and ensure that they both have enough dice points to qualify for the quarter finals.

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