Fafner in the Azure Flame Part 4 [end]

“I’ve never even heard of this HARD YURI- what is it?”

Soushi suggests a bold new form of HARD GAY.

“Something the cameras can’t show.”

“Sorry, but I’m not in the mood for BI right now.”

“I just can’t reach a climax anymore.”

“Really? I never noticed.”

“I’ve been faking it recently.”

“I need HARD GAY more often than that.”

“You know where I’m hard, baby.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s how it should be for HARD YURI.”

“She won’t let me use Tsubaki for BI!”

“Sorry, but the techniques in that magazine just don’t appeal to me.”

“There’s BI going on over there- I must observe!”

“HARD YURI, BI, you name it- she taught me how to do it.”

“I knew he wasn’t enjoying it, but he agreed to sleep with me anyway.”

Maya realises that Kazuki is no good at BI.

“I want you to have HARD GAY with me!”

“…made our Pleasure much more satisfying.”

“I call it HARD GAY.”

“They are dedicated to Pleasuring each other.”

“Of course not…Hyper Self Pleasure isn’t nearly as gratifying.”

“I’m finally having Fafner!”

“He finds it impossible to get aroused.”

“It’s not that he can’t do it, he just takes a while.”

“Practise your HARD GAY for when he gets back, or he’ll put you to shame in the bedroom!”

“He may not have the stamina for extended HARD GAY.”

“Should we ask him to attempt the ultimate ‘Fafner’ anyway?”

“Kazuki wants to try it- how can I stop him?”

“All my frustrations melt when we have ‘Fafner’.”

“Let this be a lesson for being perverted enough to want bondage games with Kazuki!”

“I don’t want that any more- basic HARD GAY is enough.”

“They have learned all our techniques.”

“They know just the sort of positions I like.”

“Zhuge or not, we must expose our Liangs.”

“…since I last had HARD GAY?”

“Two hours!? That’s far too long!”

Ultimate “Soushi!” moment

“It’s desperate- we haven’t had HARD GAY in two hours!”

“It’s becoming weakened from a lack of HARD GAY!”

“I need to know my suitability for BI.”

“Whatever technique you request can be given to you.”

“Little did they know how Zhuge it was.”

“…in this cold and frozen wasteland? How desperate are you?”

“This is a necessary side-effect of attempting the ultimate HARD GAY.”

“It’s worth it for the Pleasure.”

“I have been celibate all that time, waiting for Pleasure.”

“We must hold your Zhuge Liang, only then will it seem real.”

“No one should be spared my love.”

“Soushi! Kazuki!” moment 3

“Through the power of HARD GAY, we are linked!”

“He cannot withstand the force of the ultimate HARD GAY!”

“You’ll turn our HARD GAY into BI!”

“Even my Liang is gone.”

“Do you mean we’ll never have HARD GAY again?”

“Soushi!” only moment 1

“You don’t need to shout, I’m right here.”

“…never take another lover.”

“Soushi!” only moment 2

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