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Gainax: Recycling Evangelion and overdoing the fanservice

They may not be the most prolific of studios, but Gainax has been the subject of much debate and discussion over the years, surrounding both their seeming inability to end a series properly, but over the various elements of their … Continue reading

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Tuesday Rumble: May 29th

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to get ready to rumble! Further Extracts from the Book of HARD GAY: Who to sleep with in Iroha world Akidzuki: a master of the Sword, Akidzuki is a staunch supporter of classic … Continue reading

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Tuesday Rumble: May 22nd

It’s easy to forget how much you customised your old computer- until you get a new one. Why are default settings always so useless, forcing you to turn them off or change them for any number of programs? A guide … Continue reading

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Tuesday Rumble: April 10th

Spoiler Alert: Death Note’s biggest twists shall be revealed. It’s often said that cats and laptops don’t mix*, and here’s the reason why. Last year, my cat managed to get on top of the bookshelf and knock a heavy bronze … Continue reading

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