.hack//Roots 26 [end]: HARD GAY’s Greatest Loss

…and yes, I watched this episode myself too! What is the world coming to?

The unthinkable has happened. Phyllo, staple of the Mac Anu bridge and chief coordinator of The World:r2’s HARD GAY, is gone. As the male players try to adjust to this unexpected loss, they must decide whether they can now continue along the HARD GAY path, or if it is time to throw in the towel. Meanwhile, Tabby confesses her true feelings, and Yata grudgingly pays his cable bills.

The ultimate HARD GAY monster materialises. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 26 [end]: HARD GAY’s Greatest Loss”

.hack//Roots 25: Who Will Tabby Choose?

Before I begin, I thought I should mention that, since my usual source for screencaps wasn’t available, I actually went to the effort of watching this episode myself. This may not sound like anything remarkable, but considering I haven’t watched episodes 15-24 in either raw or subbed form, it was quite a big step for me to risk myself firsthand in a return to the world of Roots. Will seeing what actually happened affect my take on the episode? Perhaps, but it’s too late to worry about that now.


Tabby’s love life has been far from simple, but the time has come for her to finally choose who should settle down with. With former loves Sakisaka, Shino and Grunty out of the picture, the current contenders are Seisaku, Haseo, and the ever tempting lure of HARD YURI. Can Tabby finally choose which one she wants to spend her life with, or will it all end in tears? Meanwhile, Yata and Pai get an unpleasant surprise after a particularly hefty cable bill drops through the letterbox. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 25: Who Will Tabby Choose?”

.hack//Roots 24: The HARD GAY challenge

Haseo has always been a conflicted man. Torn between the lure of HARD GAY and his lingering feelings for women, he threw himself into whatever was at hand in order to escape his inner turmoil- drugs, adult tapes, even a career as a movie star. Now, however, the time has come for Haseo to make the final choice- should he challenge Tri-Edge himself for the HARD GAY crown, or let Tabby persuade him to take up life as a family man?

Bordeaux gets in shape for the upcoming HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI rematch. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 24: The HARD GAY challenge”

.hack//Roots 23: The Truth Comes Out

Much as they’ve tried to keep it hidden, the truth had to come out eventually- Hideo is the illicit lovechild of Tabby and Haseo. Although Tabby officially has custody of him, she tries to encourage Haseo to take an active part in his son’s life- but will he want to participate in such a blatant reminder of his pre-HARD GAY lifestyle? Meanwhile, Yata invests in a cable upgrade so that he can enjoy some new channels.

Tabby and Hideo anxiously await Haseo’s arrival at the family meeting. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 23: The Truth Comes Out”

.hack//Roots 22: the three of us together are…TABBY SENTAI!

Poor Tabby- first her band split up, then her performing troupe fizzled out, and even her brief stint as a counsellor was a failure. Now, she may have finally found her place as a member of Seisaku’s black ops division, but her first assignment isn’t quite what she was expecting- she’s been tasked with setting up her own sentai team! Meanwhile, Kuhn decides to make some quick cash by accepting a guest role on US television series Lost.

HARD GAY mascot ‘Mr Elephant’ has begun running amok in The World:r2- is there anyone who can stop him? Continue reading “.hack//Roots 22: the three of us together are…TABBY SENTAI!”

.hack//Roots 21: HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI

With HARD GAY slowly taking over The World:r2, the only choice remaining for female players was to join Pai’s HARD YURI team- but now, the question has arisen as to which is better. In an attempt to prove things one way or another, Yata and Pai set up a HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI death match between their chosen champions- Midori and Haseo. Meanwhile, Eeta has some shocking news for Piro, and Tabby moves onto her latest part-time job.

In case you missed it last week, here’s the HARD GAY symbol again. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 21: HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI”

.hack//Roots 20: Pleasure and Pain

Thanks to the Taihaku specials, Haseo has relapsed into his life of binge drinking and hard drugs. Phyllo and Tabby have done all that they can to help him, but now Saburo has committed herself to bringing him back to the straight and narrow. Can she succeed, or is Haseo a lost cause?

Haseo waits impatiently for his dealer in a back alley. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 20: Pleasure and Pain”

.hack//Roots 19: Touta wants some HARD GAY

Apologies for getting some names wrong first time, all should be corrected now.
Touta is the new guy in town, and he wants some HARD GAY, however first he needs to find a willing partner. Meanwhile, Wool, Cashmere and yet more new characters audition for roles in an upcoming stage show.

Touta asks Otsu if he’d be interested in some HARD GAY action Continue reading “.hack//Roots 19: Touta wants some HARD GAY”

.hack//Roots 18: the altar of HARD GAY

Haseo was doing so well in rehab that he’d even started to get over Ovan- but then Taihaku showed up. The kind of experienced older man that Haseo was hoping for, Taihaku soon leads him down the dark path after showing him the altar of HARD GAY.

Despite his intention to remain clean, Haseo ends up sampling one of Taihaku’s “specials”. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 18: the altar of HARD GAY”

.hack//Roots 17: HARD GAY and lost kitchen knives

That Ovan, he’s broken a string of hearts- first Naobi/Yata, then Shino and Haseo, and now he’s fooling around with Tri-Edge. Can anyone resist the charms of a man who can not only cook, but can prepare meals any time, anywhere?


Haseo works out in the fresh air as part of his rehab program. Continue reading “.hack//Roots 17: HARD GAY and lost kitchen knives”